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  1. On the other hand, the biggest shut down risk of all, SGA, looks like he’s pretty much gonna be playing every game possible.

  2. Potential All-NBA spots (supermax deals) will be another thing to consider going forward. The media voters definitely use games played as a factor for their choices there. I think that's why SGA won't be sitting.

  3. He is too strong this year, for me you also have to take into account the interest of the player. I think it's hard for a franchise to rest a young player reading for a trophy, even more so when it's his first. He is in the running for his all-NBA

  4. Bad playoff schedule makes him expendable imo

  5. The timberwolves are going to re-evaluate him sometime in January. As far as how KAT is doing.

  6. This is from the Wolves reddit 1 week ago :

  7. What are people's thoughts on Shai? He's been shut down in previous seasons but they're in a tight race to make the play-in.

  8. Shai Will surely try to be in an all nba team

  9. Sochan for the second part of the season

  10. That's good. Take a break. I will need you more in playoffs than I need you now

  11. bteh says:

    Bam/pg is the best for both win now and for Longterm

  12. There’s no way someone’s taking cj and wood over the other two. Bam/pg is the best package. I don’t find it close at all.

  13. pjw, norm, ayo, bey, stix , precious, little

  14. Clifford loves defensive players so that's perfect.

  15. Are you a contender or rebuilding? If you’re rebuilding I probably gamble on Poole and Keldon. Both guys are much younger and you get 2 assets. Depending on the roster size, depth is the most important factor in dynasty. My leagues have rosters over 20 guys so depth is a major factor come playoff time.

  16. It’s a 16 teams league, 12 keepers.

  17. I finished 6th last year and 3rd two years ago

  18. Need to know who you are cutting - as Jokic plus a and b may be better than the three offered

  19. If you're contending, I hold Jokic. If you're rebuilding, Green, Cade, and Chat/Paolo are a great trio.

  20. I finished second in my league. I have Harden, SGA, Derozan, Jrue, Allen, Ben Simmons, Bey, Jalen Smith, Okongwu, Draymond Green.

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