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  1. Some lights are literally 15 seconds and others are a minute and a half. Some can even be a ridiculous two and a half minutes if there’s advanced greens and poor engineering (trying to cross Prince of Wales on the south side of Meadowlands literally takes that long, it’s absurd). Traffic light times have a huge range depending on the intersection.

  2. More Canadians voted PC in the last two federal elections than liberal. But the liberals are in because they won more seats.

  3. Anyone see any ice lately? I’m in K2E, Merivale hunt club area.

  4. Not sure where he is, LA or Miami I would assume. But you can see a video of him playing 3 concerts in 24 hours

  5. From Megathread # 4: My mom lives at Meadowlands/Chesterton (K2E) and my boss’s husband is high up at Hydro Ottawa, and he says that area is realistically looking at about two weeks until power is restored…but they don’t want to announce it publicly to avoid panic and outrage. I personally think it would be better to be honest rather than people waking up every day with false hope.

  6. While I don’t doubt this, I’d really like to hear a name or see something that validates it

  7. I wonder what is taking so long for the entire city to get their power back.

  8. I can’t wait until Ontariens have to start go fund me pages to pay for medical bills 🤗🤗🤗

  9. Because a quarter of the city is without power?

  10. Just ignore them and don’t post about it on Reddit….

  11. Well, they are all men and they all have flags that say fuck Trudeau. Best place to find men who want to fuck other men would probably be the gay bar no?

  12. I’m willing to bet it’s yet another weed store

  13. Not sure if you've found a drummer. But I've been playing for 15 years. In my mid 20s now, listened to a few of your tracks, they seem simple enough to learn and lots of room for improvising.

  14. May 6th (potentially not, cause that’s very near in the future) June 10th July 28th

  15. Unfortunately our current drummer is moving away, so we are looking for someone new. We make psych rock music, it’s kinda tame Impala-ish. We have quite a few local gigs lined up couple of from Montreal and Toronto who want us to open for them.

  16. A little squishy mp3 sound… who tf exports to mp3??

  17. I have the Ensoniq doing most of the polyphonic stuff, the Poly 800 on my right there is doing more of the monophonic leads (if you use chord mode on the poly and set it to one note it basically turns into a monophonic synth).

  18. I had an Ensoniq SQ-80 back in the day along with a Korg Poly-61.

  19. The midi implementation on the poly is not great you’re right, but I don’t need that much in the way of midi as I only ever just rely on basic sequences and playing the keys myself, nothing fancy.

  20. Long time buddy, it takes him at least 3-5 years after each album to get another one one

  21. Correction: there are still people who care way too much about this shit

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