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In 1984, Gary Plauche tracked down the kidnapper who sexually assaulted and molested his 11-year-old son and killed him on live television. Gary waited in disguise at the airport, and shot the kidnapper while cameras were rolling. He was given a 7-year suspended sentence and received no prison time.

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  1. In theory yeah. But scope some of the epubs on libgen and you’ll find a real cornucopia of disastrous and unfixable display problems. Sometimes I’ve had to tweak the HTML to fix it.

  2. tbf his mom is dead and this is the second time he’s been born

  3. Would love to know why there’s so much police helicopter activity in my area, and seemingly no follow up with patrol cars. Are they just giving the perps a stern warning and then flying off?

  4. I think they use the copters like aerial patrol cars: just buzz them around to keep an eye on shit. LA seems to have a really low density of radio cars to surface area, so maybe this is how they fill in the gaps. I wonder if they also stage copters in the air for rapid response. Since that’s horribly expensive and inefficient, I’m sure it’s what the LAPD is doing ;)

  5. Hi Ro! Yeah I’ve experienced this, a lot of my parts benefit from live translation services even though I’m technically monolingual. I think it’s something about dissociative barriers and the way parts feel safest communicating.

  6. I've read studies that a system cant have more than six active parts

  7. Huh, wonder where that constraint comes from! We probably don’t exceed six active parts at a single time, but who they are definitely changes.

  8. I spent maybe 12 years of the middle of my life completely unaware of my alters. I knew about them as a kid, forgot about them in high school, then had them very slowly return later on in life. They were kept away from me by denial and tragedy, but in a way they never really left: I just didn’t realize what was actually going on in my brain. It’s amazing what you can overlook with the right motivation :)

  9. Pilot makes a 0.38mm G2. Sometimes it rips the paper, I love it.

  10. Hm. I haven’t read the article, and the context may change a lot, but the very feminine shape of the lips makes this look like it’s an article telling women specifically to talk less which is not such a great message.

  11. For us, the solution was all about communication, talking with my parts about themselves, why they feel the way they do, what they want and need. Parts having opposite wishes is pretty common in our system, and right now we’re learning a lot about balancing those wants and needs across our shared existences. With my parts on my side, it’s a lot easier to compromise and delegate and see to everyone’s wants and needs.

  12. That one where McCoy will just NOT give up prosecuting the mob or smth, ends with them in the US Supreme Court rotunda and no ruling, but a pessimistic attitude. I remember being like “dude I get you’re an idealist but you gotta understand cost benefit analysis too.”

  13. Thanks for your explanation. I always teach my students to ask about what you don’t understand, and that people who look down their noses at you for asking questions generally have their own issues to work out.

  14. The answer does seem to be “Because John Hershel said so” doesn’t it!

  15. My friend, none of us will ever meet death ready. But you can sure as hell try and prepare yourself and your family as best you can before you go.

  16. Either you meet death scared, or he catches you by surprise

  17. I really feel you about your crush: matters of the heart can be annihilating for autistics. When this one girl who I thought was perfect broke my heart and betrayed me, I fell into a depression so bottomless and so sucking I ended up doing heroin just for relief from the psychic agony.

  18. I work in architectural preservation here in LA! The owners are only required to do a historic survey/review if it is located within a historic zone and hasn’t been surveyed in the past. The reality of preservation that most people don’t realize is that the city doesn’t have the power to just declare things as historically significant just because it’s beautiful/old (unfortunately). Often, if buildings are preserved it’s the result of federal requirement for survey which found historic significance or because the owners themselves applied for it. Likely this house has already been surveyed by the city and deemed historic but not significant, so therefore if someone decided to demolish it, they have the ability. For all we know a historic review has already taken place and the property was deemed not historically significant, despite its beauty.

  19. I get all that, but I wish it were another way. It seems like we should have some civic interest in preserving aesthetic value as well as historical value.

  20. Who's aesthetic though? Typically this line of reasoning means "the aesthetic of the ruling class 100 years ago". Will you be simping for malibu (falling off the) cliffside mansions in 25 years?

  21. That’s a really good question, actually, I’m not sure I have an answer that isn’t basically “preserve what I like” lol

  22. Came up with that Jaffa Cake analogy in the shower and thought they were hot shit

  23. When it comes to DID and OSDD, repeated traumas during childhood must be experienced.

  24. Yes, when it comes to medically-defined multiplicity, trauma is an essential precursor. Of course there’s always the possibility that “untraumatized” multiples may be unaware of their trauma, but I don’t believe tremendous pain is only way to become a multiple. The brain can do a lot of things, and I don’t think we have sufficient reason to decisively exclude benign or even beneficial multiplicity. But there is one thing I know about humans: we love presuming our current state of knowledge is the only state of knowledge, and denying what doesn’t fit in. But all that does it prevent us from considering the full spectrum of possibilities.

  25. Sure that's why I said that "I don't think it's impossible for some people to experience some form of plurality without a traumatic experience. To be honest, I don't know."

  26. I’m not a downvoter, that wasn’t me. I was more expanding on my point generally than trying to convince you, sorry

  27. My partner and I are both ND and this is something we both experience. I’ve never met an NT who feels the same way.

  28. My parents were like this too. I was always accused of “wanting attention” for having meltdowns, of “being dramatic.”

  29. That guy walking in front of the camera is like a living version of the chair that just so happens to block the naked actor’s schlong in the wide shot

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