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  1. i’m not mad, just disappointed. could’ve released all versions of this viper mini considering all we wanted was a pro internals in a viper mini shell… guess i’ll just stick to my gpx or buy an x2 mini

  2. do you use an arm sleeve with it? QCK Heavy is extremely affected by humidity

  3. in my case got tired of the big dent in my hair after i’m done gaming lol and also want to venture into the audio world

  4. would a switch from gpx to this be reasonable? been eyeing this mouse for a while but can’t decide to pulling the trigger or not

  5. Hard to say, this mouse is like on the extreme side for finger tip grip. It would be a big change. It’s a really small mouse, hard to recommend specially with how much it cost.

  6. any mouse you’d recommend to try finger tip grip?

  7. The back always stays wet after you go through a car wash too.

  8. man the amount of times i’ve gone to a self wash only to find out the million pounds of soap i used didn’t work

  9. What rain guards are on your windows? I bought the shit ones on amazon and they don’t line up right so I’m about to return them.

  10. Looks great, what's that mousepad? Love the size

  11. Beautiful build man! What supplier did you buy it from?

  12. bought second hand off mm but it is supplied by cannonkeys

  13. Nice build! Which colour did you go for? Looks Lavender but could be lighting... I was looking into this over the Tofu60 that I recently purchased. This may just swing me to buy a Bakeneko60 as well.

  14. got it off mm for a very reasonable price barebones. it is the whitish color way. love it, so easy to remove the pcb since it is gummy o ring mount which is what made it for me over the tofu60

  15. bit boring but can’t find anything else to play

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