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  1. Hello all. 40 year old dude here who knows ZERO about synths nor am I a musician....unless you count 3 chords and a heart.

  2. For $200 that’s a straight up no-brainer. They’re going for $600-1000 these days and they’re awesome synths.

  3. I used cakewalk for quite a bit. It has a nice workflow and UI, but I found it hard to get the same quality out of it when compared to Logic Pro X. For some reason most of my mixes sounded like shit after exporting from Cakewalk but they sound amazing on Logic.

  4. Wow. I've played with a bunch of the teenage engineering stuff. Love it. Somehow completely missed the volcas. They look rad (I would have killed for that nubass in the 90s). Adding to the list.

  5. I wouldn't recommend the volcas as standalone units. The keyboard isn't suitable for playing live, and the sequencer is meh at best (judging by my Volca FM experience). Volcas shine when used as sound modules with an external sequencer/keyboard.

  6. You may consider isomorphic keyboards (Linnstrument, Launchpad Pro/X), they are much easier to learn, especially for someone with guitar background.

  7. The Medusa, if it counts as a desktop synth. Probably not though, it has pads, albeit shitty.

  8. I asked a friend to buy a used Linnstrument in the US, as another friend was coming there for a vacation. Of course, he didn't ship it in time, so now my $1200 keyboard is stuck in the US with no hope for getting it anytime soon. Maybe in an year or two someone flies there again and has some space in the bag on the way back. It sucks.

  9. It's not just shipping. It depends on the mood of the customs officer: either they recognize it as used and send it back (used electronics can't be imported) or they consider it new and charge $300-700 in fees and taxes.

  10. I love my Behringer XR18, it's so cheap for what it does. 18 inputs, six aux sends, built-in eq and fx, works with or without the computer.

  11. Check out the MPC flavor pro plugin. It's on sale now, it runs on any modern MPC (and on the Force) and people seem to be generally happy with it. I haven't tried it though.

  12. Consider replacing the OP-1 with an OP-Z, much cheaper and more fun in my opinion (I haven't tried the OP-1 in person, but it seems to be tedious compared to the OP-Z).

  13. Damn I already got the op1 but yeah I would have opted for the cheaper option but I thought it might be hard without screen. Some people were saying the buttons weren’t great.

  14. The buttons may require maintenance sometimes, which is annoying, but not critical. And you can use any phone/tablet/PC as a display.

  15. I guess I meant velocity and/or pressure sensitivity. Press harder/quicker will play louder, press softly/slower will play softer.

  16. Hey! I’m currently looking for a friend for my Octatrack, minilogue XD, SP-404MK2, and OG-OP-1 setup. I’m a recovering groovebox addict so I was debating the syntakt or the Electribe EMX-1 or re-buying the organelle. But really I’m open to anything and everything. Semi-modular, keys, experimental stuff. I just like fun machines that are creative and fun to experiment with! Any machines you guys have fun playing with?

  17. No need to apologize! Honestly the background image is the one thing I'm worried about. For this project. I assumed TE made it in-house and didn't think to check for an artist

  18. He agreed as long as he's credited! Is the resolution of the image I've linked sufficient, or do you need a higher resolution image?

  19. Thanks for checking with them. If something weird happens and I need to use a different image, I'll hit you all up for sure.

  20. Okay, and if you need any custom graphics (for free) for projects like this, it also may be possible.

  21. I would absolutely recommend the Launchpad X over it. I've got one and it's an awesome isomorphic keyboard with poly aftertouch. The Mini is way less useful.

  22. MPC One is the most powerful option here, but it's not really portable.

  23. It's funny, my view is pretty much the opposite. He used to be a hardcore communist, but later drifted towards nationalism and only kept supporting communists because he believed it was the only viable way to achieve independence (and he probably was right). Didn't even try to hide his beliefs that much though.

  24. Oxi One is amazing, probably the best standalone sequencer out there.

  25. All you need is a simple 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter and the latter (minijack) will be used by many Bluetooth speakers with their own battery.

  26. It has separate L/R outputs, so a Y-shaped cable would be a better option.

  27. Get a dual mono (TS) 6.35 to stereo (TRS) 3.5 cable (Y-shaped), most Bluetooth speakers have 3.5 mm inputs.

  28. The Russian Federation uses the old Soviet Anthem with different lyrics… no Russian person is losing their shit about that vcl

  29. I've tried this, too but a lot of the synths are really loud and maybe I'm not good at mixing but some of these synths, especially the Moog ones have so much presence and spread that it often doesn't make sense to add other instruments because they are drowned out.

  30. Are you using AUM? Adjust the volume, experiment with EQ and compression.

  31. Do you have the iPad already? Try sequencing iPad synths with the OP-Z. Best from both worlds.

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