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  1. Literally watched it yesterday and howled with laughter at that - wondered how long it’d be before it was mentioned here!

  2. RDTMHD - Ryan’s dead. To me. He’s DEAUUUUD!

  3. My gut is telling me to tell you to throw this in the trash.

  4. Can you tell me, is it fresh apples in the fuji apple chicken salad?

  5. I have a Panera Fuji Apple salad every couple (with dried apples) every couple of weeks, and I think about Glenn every time.

  6. Being from the UK, I’ve never visited Panera, or had one of these exotic apple salads but maybe one day, provided it’s fresh apples.

  7. It’ll put the local botanists out of work.

  8. Salems lot My brother got so much shit from my parents for letting me watch it with him.

  9. There’s a person down the road from me who uses a wheelie bin for cans instead of your standard recycling box and I thought that was a lot - but this takes the piss and not just cause it’s all carling.

  10. The pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre. Until he/she/they are ready to go again.

  11. Anything Bane says to Batman during their first fight in The Dark Knight Rises

  12. …but we are initiated aren’t we Bruce? Members of the league of shadows! And YOU betrayed us.

  13. I’m confused. What’s the rush? Someone else can’t make you Alchemist over night dude.

  14. Do you mean yourself or the instrumental?

  15. I was only joking my man, it’s a good instrumental.

  16. Sure. They agreed to play strip poker so I’m sure they’d also agree not to cheat.

  17. Big Pooh? Oh wait that’s already been take…

  18. It’s like whackamole. I try to get rid of it, but sometimes it pops up again.

  19. This. I hate when people say it’s dawless when it’s not really.

  20. It’s more of a daw than it is a sampler.

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