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Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

He do be dancing though

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Sorry, I'm not OP. What is it about OP's post history?

  2. feels strange being on the right side of a shitty console <---> pc port for once

  3. I don’t get it it runs flawless on my pc

  4. Who cares. There are LITERALLY more important things that need to be the focus of this country.

  5. +1 for Lindy Hop! It's been too long since I've done a swingout.

  6. You've already gotten a lot of good advice, just thought I'd say that's a nice looking swingout you've got there. Lindy Hop is great.

  7. Also - never land a boat in the swamp! And especially not at night. Find a nice meadow or black forest.

  8. I've always found that troll armor works a bit better than bronze armor in the swamp because you can run faster and keep your stamina up. Also, blunt weapons have bonus damage to most swamp creatures. Stay out of the water if you can. Use the hoe to create dry paths where you travel the most. Be ready to run early because the swamp will overwhelm you with different types of baddies. Always know where your nearest crypt is so you can escape and clear aggro. Even then, a 2 star draugr archer is going to give you a bad time. Oh, and always have plenty of poison resistance mead on hand and drink it before you get poisoned.

  9. Is #3 from one of the Chase buildings? That's a view of the river I don't usually see.

  10. Where are pictures 4 and 5? Bird photographer here and those are my kind of habitats.

  11. Damn wish I could do that... Might try it tomorrow.

  12. The wire has so many good actors and memorable scenes. I don't enjoy it, or better call saul for that matter, as much piecemeal as I did breaking bad, but like Better Call Saul, the writing and acting is just out of this world if you can stomach the slow burn.

  13. So many small pieces of season 2 came full circle by the series's end. Brilliant.

  14. Loving the build, how tf do you get floor so smooth when I use the hoe it ends up looking like a teenagers face

  15. I dunno, he won a truck in the All-Star game one year

  16. How to lower inflation - Republican edition.

  17. It'll go away if you mandate state workers can no longer say the word

  18. waiting for the "I was building and fell off the ladder" posts.

  19. A healthy diet of mushrooms and blueberries while I'm building usually helps me with that

  20. I’m just shy of Day 30, just now getting my Bronze Production kicked off.

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