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  1. The term "Gundam" from the anime franchise of the same name is simply a portmanteau of the English words "gun" and "dam".

  2. The band named after them once performed a parody of one of their own songs for a Simpsons episode.

  3. Where was this shot? Looks like the ending of Brazil.

  4. Maybe they'll include "No negative reviews" in there too.

  5. Zodiac Age includes the logo art, which is missing on the PS2 cover you shared. That's an iconic part of Final Fantasy.

  6. Don't use the one someone took a shit in.

  7. Said it in another thread on the mothership, will say it again since the trolls always make it an issue and brigade these threads.

  8. Well, one solution is to just to say "humans only" or make it entirely cosmetic, and no one wants that.

  9. I still prefer it when they said Lineages but that might raise eyebrows from paizo

  10. I thought Paizo used Ancestry. And neither term is copyrighted.

  11. I think FFX still looks better than most games even today due to the setting and artstyle.

  12. While FFX marked a move to 3D environments outside of combat, some areas, particularly interior spaces, still used pre-rendered art.

  13. I suppose he manages to avoid forcing 5e into a genre it's not with the third party content he's published, like Strongholds & Followers, Kingdoms & Warfare, or Arcadia Magazine.

  14. I find I talk about my problems, and end up feeling worse because of that. I don't want to seem difficult, but it often feels like what my therapist suggests go against my nature. I do want to be more social and make deep connections with people. It's just hard finding a way to do that that works for me.

  15. I can definitely relate to that, sometimes therapy can really trigger a lot of uncomfortable emotions without offering much consolation.

  16. I often take the view that talking about one's problems is a waste of time unless it leads to a solution. And I try to avoid letting emotions influence my thinking.

  17. I'm guessing the highest kill count in Gundam would go to Seidel Rasso at approximately 9 billion, assuming he was leader of the SRA during the 7th Space War and simply remained in power until the 8th.

  18. If they're anything like dogs, they may try despite being fixed.

  19. He is the Char clone of the series, though not one of the better ones.

  20. I hope you already have Conan, because Modiphius is losing the licence.

  21. In Q's altered timeline it did not, because the Confederation of Earth would not have dealt with the Devidians the same way Starfleet did.

  22. One thing is that unlike other Gundams, Aerial can be piloted without GUND FORMAT Linking to the pilot, even if it's less effective in combat that way.

  23. My approach tends to be even if you're diagnosed, you should withhold that information when you can.

  24. You can't emigrate to New Zealand if you are a formally diagnosed autistic. Other side effects of a formal diagnosis may be impact on your insurance or insurability, work or work related issues (some positive like accommodations), limits on your income ability if you then go on US disability.

  25. All I know for sure is that reviews from Steam are currently 32% positive.

  26. A fan explanation I've heard and that I quite like is that Five thought he was weak and indecisive, so he regenerated into a warrior who could make hard decisions.

  27. My own observation is that both the Fifth and Sixth Doctors were very much surrounded by death, but it weighed Five down a lot more.

  28. I remember how some of the other producers were shocked at RTD making Time Lords antagonists in The End of Time, until he pointed out they were always bad, as far back as The War Games.

  29. Well probably gundam wing. Because an entry level show should get the audience wanting to watch more gundam not less.

  30. I was thinking Gundam X because it assumes viewers are familiar with the staple Gundam concepts, includung ones normally unique to the UC.

  31. I was just making fun of wing but you have a point. X is more of a reexamination of ideas from the Universal Century just free from its lore. It really doesn't function properly if you don't already know gundam.

  32. Interestingly, Marvel Comics also used the letter X in the title of a pseudo-alternate possible future series.

  33. I think this means Miorine beat Suletta in a duel and is now her own fiancee.

  34. I often think that the Tenth Doctor would have regenerated into an incarnation played by Georgia Moffett if he hadn't stopped that regeneration, mostly because of similarities between the Progenation Machine's process, and regeneration.

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