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  1. You Wanderer is looking good, but the impression I'm getting from looking at your characters... is that Wanderer isn't surviving the floor? He isn't, is he? Rosaria isn't doing anything there with level 60 and that crit rate, what if you try replacing her with Qiqi?

  2. Yeah you're right, due to the cooldown increase Layla's shield isn't enough to protect him. I only use Rosaria for cryo application. Unfortunately I don't have Qiqi or any other cryo character. Do you think it would be worth it to upgrade Barbara and use her in the 4th slot?

  3. If Barbara is your only other healer, you don't exactly have a choice.

  4. I don't have EM weapons or the funds to upgrade EM artifacts. I managed to get 2 stars by switching out the teams on each side. I might still upgrade barbara or just wait for Yelan. Thanks for all the help!

  5. Is 46% atk and 10.1% crit rate worth sacrificing for 62% crit damage? I'm in the process of farming artifacts for Wanderer. I'm AR50 so I'm pretty new to farming artifacts and have pretty bad pieces overall. I can't decide between an ATK% circlet with 10.1% Crit Rate and a Crit Damage circlet with EM (no other useful substats). Both pieces fulfil the 4piece bonus from Desert Pavilion Chronicle.

  6. while the ATK one has the better ratio rn... none is great tbh. I know you probably don't want to hear this but just keep farming

  7. Hi, could someone suggest 2 teams for me to use in Spiral Abyss? I'm currently AR47 at Floor 10 chamber 1. 3 stars preferred but 2 stars are fine too. And I can upgrade characters to lvl 60 if needed. I'm guessing it is impossible to clear floor 12 but I'd like to go as far as possible.

  8. Raiden Bennett Xiangling Xingqiu and Scara Faruzan Layla flex or Tighnari Fischl Lisa Barbara

  9. Does Ayato work well with Ayaka or with Yoimiya? Also could someone suggest Ayato teams that contain three 4 stars? Thank you, I'm not sure if I should get Ayato. I eventually want to get Ayaka and Yoimiya as I really like them. Thanks for any help

  10. Ayato + Ayaka/Yoimiya is like, can work but not the best. You can play a Freeze team with Ayato as your Hydro, and you can play Vape Yoimiya with Ayato as well granted you run another Hydro, but neither of these variations are going to be either of their best team. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, there is some synergy with Ayato + Yoimiya but it's not better than Yoimiya's other options. Ayato at least provides a 20% NA buff with his burst that Yoimiya appreciates, but this buff is worse than what Yunjin, Bennett or even Candace would give, so it's in the 'not very good but there is a bit of synergy' camp.

  11. Thank you, do you think I'd be better off if I saved for Yelan instead of getting Ayato now? I've only been playing for 2 months and haven't got many characters yet.

  12. Go with the first set for now. Remember that the Catch gives an extra 12% CR. Also I strongly recommend not burning your fragiles on artifact farming again. They're way better when saved for farming ascension or talent materials so you can build a new character in one day then just devote all your daily resin to the artifact grind.

  13. Thank you, and yeah I don't think I'll spend more resin on emblem grind. I did it because most of the characters I use are best with that set or good with it.

  14. Hello! I was really lucky and managed to get Raiden and her weapon, I just got AR45 and am trying to get good artifacts for her. Should I use a ER sands with 12.4% crit rate and bad other substats, or an ATK% sands with 7% crit rate and 11.7% crit dmg? I currently have 250% ER with the ER sands and about 200% with the ATK sands. Unfortunately I don't have anything better. I spent 1k resin on Emblem domain yesterday right after getting AR45 and got nothing good.

  15. How do u have 1k resin .isn't 160 the limit?

  16. This comment thread is a pain to read. Several 13 year olds crying after their master human trafficking genius intellectual idol was arrested.

  17. yo i have a life too and you keep fucking interrupting it, I'm not gonna get a gf messaging u

  18. Could someone suggest a team for me to beat the Emblem of Severed Fate domain? I've only been playing for a bit over a month and just got AR45 so I want to get good artifacts for Raiden. But I've been struggling with the domain, spending 3 minutes on each run - spent 800 resin already and got nothing - so I wanted to get team suggestions to possibly beat the domain faster.

  19. Hi, I've been playing for a little over a month. I just got really lucky and got my favourite character, Bennett from the weapon banner. What weapon should I use on him? My options are Favonious Sword (currently on Layla), Prototype Rancour and Toukabou Shigure (umbrella), and of course all of the 3* weapons from the banners are also available. Any help will be appreciated

  20. He prefers high base atk weapon and er%. Therefore, sapwood blade (sumeru craftable sword) is his best f2p. It has high base atk for 4* and er%. Prototype rancour (same base atk, useless second stat) is also good if you want to save billets. Fav is situationally good if you need the energy (e.g to battery Xiangling in Ganyu melt team)

  21. I see thank you. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can't see Sapwood Blade in the craftable weapon section in Sumeru, am I in looking in the wrong spot or do I need to complete a quest or something?

  22. Yeah because you really care when a lion kills a zebra or watch stupid people on the internet get hurt doing stupid shit?

  23. You’re most certainly right, the person filming must have known that just like lions eat zebras, turtles eat kangaroo balls.

  24. Is there any way to take the fish out from the Ornamental furniture version? Please.. I needed 1 more bitter pufferfish for R5 catch and from the last 1 in my world, I got the ornamental version...

  25. This literally happened to me the other day haha. You can fish my world tomorrow if you want.

  26. Thanks for the offer! I already managed to get it though, after an hour of trying to join Co-ops

  27. He actually has some great F2P options. The premier F2P option is actually R5 Slingshot, which is only outclassed by R5 Crescent for F2P weapons if the enemy you're facing has a weakspot. Other options are Stringless, and Viridescent Hunt from the battlepass.

  28. Thank you, would R1 Viridescent Hunt be stronger than R5 Slingshot? And if I can't get R5 Crescent should I use R5 Slingshot instead of R1 Crescent?

  29. R1 Viridescent is about the same as R5 Slingshot, but without the restrictions of Slingshot. Also VH has the grouping as well which is decently valuable, so I'd say R1 VH > R5 Slingshot although their damage is roughly the same.

  30. I see thank you! I'll probably get Viridescent Hunt then. I wasn't sure which one to get before. The only one I needed was Deathmatch to run on Xiangling or Raiden whenever the other uses the Catch, but I guess now I'll have to decide between that or Viridescent Hunt.

  31. I started playing a month ago, I'm AR40 and I'm trying to prefarm for Raiden Shogun who I'm guaranteed to get when her banner drops. I need a bunch of Amakumo fruits, my problem is that there is an electric field around where I could get them and it does a lot of damage whenever I'm inside it. I'm not sure how to counter or disable that field if possible. I'm on Chapter II: Act IV of the archon quest which is in the Chasm. Does anyone know what quest I would have to do or how I could disable the electric field around Amakumo peak?

  32. You have to complete the Serai Stormchasers quest to lift the storm. You have to talk to Katheryn at the Adventurers' Guild in Inazuma.

  33. Catch R5 is her best F2P weapon in most cases. If you're playing her in hyperbloom then Dragon's Bane is her best weapon.

  34. Thank you for the advice and the suggestions. I don’t really use the traveler that much and I don’t know much about hyperbloom teams. If you don’t mind could you tell me what kind of build I should try to build on him and how many of his Dendro constellations I’d need? Thank you

  35. Makes sense, I’ll try to unlock C2 then, I’m just about to start the Sumeru quests. Thank you for the help

  36. Who are the 4* characters that could likely be on Raiden’s banner? Or are there any confirmed characters?

  37. Of course you can, but when you double boost it actually goes to your King Level not your tower level. So you’ll potentially have a Level 50 Hog Rider. At level 50 it deals 7894 damage per hit. 💀

  38. It is worth it for so little crit.

  39. Okay thank you! I have 53% crit rate and 103% crit damage this way, I have pretty bad artifacts so this was the best I could get.

  40. That actually sounds quite good for a low AR, but also think of it that crits multiply regular damage based on attack, so if his attack is very low then the crits won’t be high until you get the attack up a bit anyway. But I wouldn’t worry about it because you seem to be doing the best you can with what you have already. Attack main stat on his sands and then leveling everything is basically all you can do. 2pc Glad might be better than 2 Berserk but it depends entirely on the stats and everything will get swapped to 5* soon anyway.

  41. Unfortunately I don’t really have any good Gladiator pieces. I’m using berserker because the only Anemo DMG goblet I have is a 3* berserker. I only have 750 base attack but I’m hoping to improve that number tomorrow when I finally get to ascend my Widsith, I’ll try to get it as high as it allows me. But already, with an underleveled weapon and lvl 50 wanderer I’m doing more damage than before. Granted, I didn’t really have any main dps character so I just used Xiangling with Crescent pike for damage.

  42. I've been playing for 2 weeks and I really want to get Bennett, I saw that I could get him for 34 starglitter but I only have 24. I can't decide if I should spend my 5k primogems to try and get enough starglitter for him. Thing is, I can't pull on the character event ones as I have 70pity and I'm waiting for Raiden... So, I'd have to pull either on the standard banner or on the weapon banner.

  43. A few pointers in addition to my comment above:

  44. Thank you, this helps a lot. I don't really know much about team compositions so this helped me understand that and on/off field roles much better so thank you.

  45. Try them all out a little while you're still on this low level. Most importantly search for an on field DPS you like the feel of, maybe even one you can save and pull for once they get a rerun.

  46. Thank you for the help. Could any of the characters I have be used as on-field dps? If not, could you recommend any that would work well with Xinqqui? I like him

  47. For Xingqiu you want someone who attacks with normal attacks. He slots into a lot of teams with other characters, so building him is good in the long run.

  48. Sounds good thank you for all the help. I’ll focus on Xiangling and Xinqqui then. Bennett seems cool so I hope I’ll unlock him soon.

  49. Is the *memory of roving gales* only used for the Traveler? Or can I use it on other anemo characters later on? And should I use the 2 that I have to unlock the traveler's constellations? I'm only AR21

  50. They're only used for Traveler (and only Anemo Traveler, you'll find their other elements all have their own con items), and there's no reason not to use them.

  51. Are you sure? I’d be happy to pay a few world locks. But my world is VENDWE

  52. As the other comment suggests, and from my own experience, most buy+ and sell+ owners sell for 40 each. I’m guessing that’s a quite a bit more expensive than the actual price of a blast.

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