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  1. Any thoughts about bank-repossessed cars?

  2. Could be quite cheap, especially when you buy it in an “as is” condition. Meaning, it could have a lot of defects that the bank won’t fix before you purchase it, so make sure you thoroughly check the unit and not just rely on the papers or how exterior or how old the car is.

  3. I can related to you so bad 😭 I am trying to fight my anxiety issues so bad. Everything’s going well with my guy right now but my past traumas keep haunting me and I’m anxious that it’s all too good to be true. Coz I’m not used to a healthy connection. He’s always been so patient but I’m afraid na one day magsasawa din siyang intindihin ako agshsjsjsj :(

  4. “It’s all too good to be true” “I’m not used to a healthy connection”

  5. Also hey if you want to talk to me or people about it more since I got to experience a relationship like this. You can join this discord server. You cant vent, express your thoughts, and have fun with people alike.

  6. Can anyone guide me or suggest a therapist that could help me ? (preferably online bc of covid... but i’m willing to pay) i’m based in manila but im not from here, so i don’t know where to go. My anxiety has gotten really bad lately, along with my anger issues and outbursts. It has affected my personal life and i just deeply want to see someone about it. Please help me :(

  7. Gusto ko lang mag rant huhu. An officemate suddenly tried to be very close to me, only for them to try to borrow money from me at the end. It wasn’t even a small amount. Said person wanted to borrow 10k. Akala mo kung anong emergency ang reason, un pala may nabili siya na bike na tig 17k, tas di nya pala ma afford.

  8. It is! I feel like maybe it really wasn’t a goof but some sort of easter egg by the animators to amuse us

  9. Kinda off topic but my boyfriend is 43 and once censored the word “porn”. It was hilarious and cute at the same time, and made me feel like a foul mouthed sailor as im the type of person who has no problem putting a nasty swear word on all caps. So i guess it’s not too much of a stretch for a 48 year old to censor words

  10. Don’t get me wrong I totally get the concern, but unless there are other signs to worry about, don’t get too caught up on something that is most likely just a generational quirk.

  11. In our culture, seeing your own doppelganger means something bad might happen to you. It’s fine if you see someone else’s doppelganger or vice versa as long as you don’t run into yours.

  12. I'm glad it wasn't tbh. The scouring and in general certain elements ruin the romantic idea of returning home after an adventure. Like frodo selling bagend in the books for me was sort of also a problem. I love the idea of after a long journey the characters come home, sit down, and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

  13. I liked the movie version too because it kind of emphasized how blissfully unaware Hobbits are of the events happening outside their land.

  14. This is one of my worst fears lol. These things just... happen for me. This and when your armpits start making that fart sound (happened once before). I have a new partner and I would be mortified and lose my female hard on if this happened lol

  15. Im literally eating ice cream alone in a very crowded fast food chain right now lol. I feel less alone now 😁

  16. I thought lions and tigers were like husband and wife. Like the lions would be the male and the tigers the female.

  17. He's saying that the production is the one truly at fault and that Dan's being falsely accused, that the cast loves Dan and does not like Kellee.

  18. Molly mentioned reconciling with him and Noura talked about him positively in her merge interview, and Jason mentioned they were close strategically and personally.

  19. Really? What did she say? I'd understand if they defended him in a way to stop the "cyberbullying". But it would seem that Jeff is implying that the cast is defending Dan because the production screwed him over, or that no sexual harassment ever happened.

  20. His facebook post goes into detail of what he's getting at a bit more. Supposedly, cast members were going to rally behind Dan at the live reunion, thus becoming the reason why CBS chose to do a pre-taped reunion.

  21. He even went as far as to say that the cast loves Dan, and did not like Kellee. As if that negates or justifies what we saw. Im furious at him.

  22. I hate how Varner is spouting crap about how the cast do not like Kellee as leverage for his claim that everything happening to Dan is not true.

  23. No kids with my first wife that passed away... RIP - Finally it worked with my second wife. We meet when she was 36 and me 40. Baby was born 18 months later. We were married 1 month before the due date. HOPE! Never loose hope...

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