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  1. It should've been obvious from the weight. Not sure what I was thinking...

  2. Hi! I usually work with mostly the same species, but this time I'm building a small cabinet & a shelf that will have to match as closely as possible with the wall panel that's behind. You can ignore the colour since the company that makes those panels also sells the hard wax to match them, but I'm wondering what wood species would match the grain of this? Obviously it's not gonna be a perfect match since the panels are laminate, but I'm hoping to get something a little bit closer to the usual "pine, birch & maple" that I always use. Ideally something not too hard to source & not something like red oak or walnut that will alter the colour of the hard wax I'm putting on afterwards.

  3. This game is hard in the best of times but especially tricky here. I'd guess white oak from that single picture.

  4. Thanks! White oak was also my guess from the domestic species. It won't be perfect, but I think it'll be good enough.

  5. Nice design, tough I would orient the ring in which the carabiner clips 90 degree from how it it right now so that the carabiner clips to the belt without wanting to twist (if that makes sense?)

  6. I actually clip it to my belt loop and not the actual belt so that’s why I used this orientation

  7. I've been using an old tea can tapped to a carabiner for years so this can be achieved with almost anything. I just thought it was a nice way to experiment with printing threads & making it exactly as I wanted.

  8. Not for now sorry, since my design is a blatant copy of someone else’s and I wouldn’t want to spread it if the original creator doesn’t agree. I’ll update this comment if that changes!

  9. Depending on where you live, you could be arrested for dui. Yes, it applies to bikes in many places.

  10. I know this is the internet and people feel obligated to say stuff like that, but this is the kind of law that just is not enforced to the point of arresting someone for having this on his bike. At least not where I’m from. I’m not getting smashed in an alley, I’m taking a sip deep in the woods. I literally took the idea from a rider in our group that happens to be a local police officer.

  11. I am having this same issue - I tested with Logitech, Roccat, GloriousGaming mice and was able to get this all working via their support of a macro or a dedicated function but I can't figure out any way to get this working with the SteelSeries. I submitted a support request to see what they say.

  12. They basically told me it was not supported yet 🥲

  13. If that’s true saying it’s supported on macOS is absolutely false advertisement.

  14. I think it was supported up until Big Sur.

  15. Why do people complain about sleeping in parking lots?

  16. Idk. These days every time someone posts a nice place to sleep there’s an army of mad people complaining that it’s not the reality of vanlife and that the reality is sleeping in ugly parking lots.

  17. My God this is beautiful! Wow. Where is this? And thank you for your inspirational post. I've been living in a TINY apartment, saving my money for 9 years. My birthday is in March and I plan on gifting myself a new camper van!

  18. This was in Yosemite. We didn’t sleep there, but we drove 10 minutes to have breakfast with that view 👌.

  19. No it’s just a regular filter. RO are pretty inconvenient in a van

  20. I went the “hybrid” route. Didn’t want to add framing to avoid thermal bridging, so I simply laid out my XPS to cover the whole floor. Then I added the plywood and I drilled through the plywood, foam and metal and added a bolt to secure it all together. I added about 4 bolts per sheet of 1/2” ply. Worked great! Now I’m not worried my floor will move, but I’m also not worried about thermal loss because of all the framing. 6 months of awful gravel roads and unexpected braking later, everything is holding up perfectly.

  21. I feel ya. Once or twice I forgot to empty the pee jug on my Nature’s Head toilet and well… when you open up the toilet the piss just flow everywhere. Not my proudest moment.

  22. I did something similar on my van. Works great for us and it was very cheap. Nothing is theft proof, but the more trouble we can cause them the better!


  24. Not exactly what I’m looking for but thanks for the tip! I’d prefer having the bikes higher off the ground so it’s less likely people will tamper with them if I’m parked somewhere.

  25. What country are you in? I live in the US and have to pay the city I live in each month for water service, even if I don’t want to use any water they still charge me. Who pays for free water? Or are you meaning streams/rivers/lakes as a free water source?

  26. Well today I learned that water is not free in the US. My bad. I live in Canada and water is free up there. I’m touring the US right now, but I had the same difficulty when I was in Canada.

  27. I really like this idea but how cheap is the media... idk what it's called sorry. I know having exactly what you want is cool but is it cost effective material wise? Just curious

  28. The printer itself is like 300$, so not really worth it if you are using it for this sole purpose. But each individual print is a few cents to a few bucks each so it’s actually quite cost effective if you already own the printer.

  29. Cool, that's exactly what I was curious about. So the actual medium its self is rather cheap. Do colors change the cost as I would assume?

  30. Maybe for next time, you should think about ventilating your fridge. I know it’s tempting to just throw a drawer above, but fridges actually produces more heat than they cool down so the heat needs to go somewhere. If you read the instructions manual for that fridge you’ll see they recommend a hole at the bottom and the top to allow air to circulate and avoid wasting energy. It’s probably not the end of the world, bit I just thought you should know because I have the same fridge and and did that exact mistake at first.

  31. Nice! Where'd you get that bed set?! I can never find any cool designs like this

  32. What was your realistic savings like to accumulate x6 months of savings?

  33. Around 15k and my wife did the same. Probably more than we need but 🤷‍♂️.

  34. Wow that's beautiful! I was looking at the ram promaster 2500! Can I ask what made you chose this vehicle? The 3500 looks so roomy!

  35. It’s wider than the transit and sprinter so I can sleep side ways even at 6’1! Pretty much the only reason haha

  36. At least one towel, which was the only important part for me haha

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