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  1. I pretty sure they were to protect marcel and klaus from the hollows magic.

  2. Exactly, I remember that Marcel was working to make such beads to protect against the hollow, and before he was able to finish the task by consecrating them into the soil at the creepy hollow house, Klaus came and stopped him since they were both suffering from the hollows curse driving them to kill each other.

  3. Good job on the video! It was nice to watch, and the music was relaxing.

  4. I’ve read testimonies of people using other substances and seeing a hatman, more or less what you describe.

  5. Do they generally describe them as negative experiences?

  6. Some say they saw him with no judgement and other say it was an scary vision. No one says it’s pleasant.

  7. The witness reports seem to be generally negative with a few neutral but I did see some potentially positive ones so was curious, thanks!

  8. I’m not sure about the hives or mast cell activation syndrome thing, but since ceremony I no longer feel the need to take medicine for seasonal allergies, I’ve become lactose intolerant, and have an aversion to certain other foods.

  9. This is just my opinion on what I think I am getting from your post. I don't have a bad job either its not toxic but it does feel like I need to make a switch. Therefore, right now I am working towards that. I think you are not giving yourself the props you deserve. You are working towards getting a sabbatical (that is huge, good job). In the meantime (if you don't have already) focus on making small changes and plans. Daily self care practices ARE KEY, weekend adventures enjoying the small moments of peace. Become aware of where you are living in your head. Is it always past or future? See what inspires you and gives you life and try to do them on a smaller scale. This is part of the work post Aya. Be processed based here. Note all the positive things that you are doing, have done and are about to achieve. Don't ever forget to trust yourself and divine timing. Ground yourself in your body not the mind. Hope this helps!

  10. Thanks a lot for your reply and encouragement! I have been doing a lot of weekend trips and such.

  11. Thanks! There’s lots of exploratory options out there - WWOOF, intentional communities, helpex, workaway, working at a hostel in an place of interest, Couchsurfing, volunteering at festivals and national parks, working at a summer camp, hipcamp, making your vehicle camp friendly.

  12. I love those recommendations! I’ve considered a few but not everything you listed. I will continue some research…

  13. Hello, I actually just posted something similar in the aya thread, maybe it can help a little…

  14. When you’re helping being willing to hold their hand if they ask and be fully present with them. Provide some encouraging statements “you’re doing great”, “you got this”, “you’re strong”, “you can get through this”, etc but not feeling necessary to fill every silent moment with words. I’m sure they will provide some training too. Seeing volunteers help with a smile and looking positive was very comforting to me.

  15. I’m in a similar position - had some concerns saw a doctor and not diagnosed with anything just keep an eye on it. It was one of the reasons I was anxious to participate but it worked out fine. However, I noticed my heart racing on San Pedro and had intense anxiety in regard to my heart during.

  16. I can 100% empathize with your anxiety about “losing your mind” so to speak. I recommend starting with a low/mid dose of mushrooms or a mushroom ceremony. If I could go back I would have done this first before jumping head first into the deep end. Also, I recently received the perspective that, why do we ONLY search for mind blowing ego death realizations? Can we not also be satisfied by the more subtle messages from smaller doses of plant medicine?

  17. Cavansite on stilbite I believe

  18. Thanks yeah that looks like it at least! I think it’s from India. But I lost the identification card a while ago…

  19. Carla, the “instrument” for Ra, wrote a 101 follow up book where she actually advises against psychedelics because it blows your chakras wide open and a lot of people can’t and shouldn’t deal with that. At least that’s what I remember her basically saying about it.

  20. Great can we also eliminate the posts asking “how much do you think this weighs” or “does this look like this will be enough to work?”

  21. Oh yeah, microdosing mushrooms is truly a godsent. I've been doing that for a couple years but I want to start using other medicines as well since there is further healing to be done. This is what brought me to Ayahuasca but now I feel that I am back to square one. I am looking for something to stack with my mushroom microdosing routine.

  22. Okay great. It seems like you’re already aware of and doing other helpful things like therapy, meditation, journaling, exercise, etc. Another thing I’ve recently tried is microdosing prior to a therapy session, which produced positive and productive results. As far as other medicines to potentially check out, I’ve also participated in Kambo and Cacao ceremonies after Ayahuasca.

  23. I have tried Kambo, although I have yet to try a Cacao ceremony. I am wondering how many Kambo sessions somebody should do in a row as a depression treatment protocol, as well as how much time should be in between each treatment. Do you have any insight/experience on that?

  24. I’m not sure about a Kambo regimen specifically for depression, but when I did it I was advised three sessions within a months time (one moon cycle) is sufficient time to work with the medicine to reap the purgative benefits. Then some choose to follow up on a regular basis, whether once a month or once a year

  25. It’s like having 16 emotional surgeries in a month. Would you be happy to do 16 physical surgeries in a month? I would imagine a place that allows you to do that much doesn’t focus on quality of care so I couldn’t imagine how you would cope when you go back home and you are completely different inside.

  26. Agreed, it feels like psychic surgeries. I had ceremonies scheduled back to back and after the first one I was so rung out I skipped the next evening ceremony so I could have a day to recover before the second one. At least a day in between is my recommendation. 16 in a month sounds insane to me but I’m sure someone more experienced may be able to handle it.

  27. It’s okay I wonder the same thing with the name “Lee” because it sounds like “bed” in French 😂

  28. What were your intentions? When I was losing track I was continually asked to remember my intentions so I could focus back in on them. It is so easy to be distracted by random visuals and other aspects of the ceremony.

  29. So one thing I noticed: I had an intention, or should I say, a question. But I was scared of that answer being something negative. And then it’s almost like my fear was being confirmed . But If I tried to focus on the positive answer it wound also show up, but then negative back again. Makes sense? It’s almost as if I could command the outcome with my thoughts but the negative was winning . Then I opened my eyes, and tried to focus on something pretty. Saw a beautiful flower and as my thoughts remained positive, the flower remained healthy . Once my thoughts became negative, the flower would die. 🌻

  30. I do think the cliche “you create your own reality” has some truth to it. Also aya does have a way of magnifying uncomfortable truths so that they’re hard to ignore, at least for me.

  31. Looks like having a bad trip to me, but I appreciate the art lol

  32. "kids today bad" is a stupid trope that's been happening since the first generation of humans birthed the next generation of humans.

  33. I know I was thinking how are we any different than the boomers who make fun of us cause they used to walk uphill both ways to school?

  34. Some of my intentions. I would focus on one per ceremony. Help me let go of my fear / grief. Help me trust my intuition. Teach me about femininity. Teach me how to love myself.

  35. Help me let go of fear/grief is a good one! I wrote a ton of different intentions but I think it helps to keep it simple, because you ain’t going to be remembering a list on that roller coaster of a ride

  36. I want to get these in right, so everything has an order and I can focus on healing, reflections, lessons etc.

  37. I recommend journaling before and after ceremonies, including writing the intentions. This will be helpful when you’re integrating afterwards. During the ceremony itself you’ll be repeating it in your head. Not sure I remember anyone being able to write during, I certainly was not able to.

  38. Thanks for sharing... I'm trying to make sense of mine too. And yes, sounds like we had very similar experiences. If I think holistically about the 15 day retreat I'm on, I've definitely made great progress in understanding my trauma and have ideas on a path ahead. But that particular ceremony seemed unnecessarily cruel and confusing. It's possible it was revolutionary and I had a complete rewiring. That's if I have full faith in the medicine. But tbh, I'm not sure. It felt like I didn't need that one. And it was so damn hard in the moment that I don't think I could take the medicine again for risk of having that experience again.

  39. Right I hear you. It’s not that I went in demanding a rainbow and unicorns trip - I know I have stuff to work on, but it was the hardest thing to do and sometimes I think it was or is too much to handle. For weeks after I was researching more ayahuasca retreats because I’m not sure I really received closure, just destabilization. Now I can’t fathom touching the stuff for a while. I think I’ve realized things that I don’t like or doesn’t work, which has been stressful. But I feel, like you, there’s been progress.

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