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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

  2. Jesus. Thank you for sharing that; just absolutely heartbreaking

  3. That area has always been an intrusive thought for me in crossing the border. Now they did lmao

  4. How do you pay taxes if you’re not a citizen?

  5. them still calling the woman a man in these comments… just fucking gross and disappointing.

  6. Live in SD, am 28 and met my partner at university (UCSD). If I hadn’t met him at school I would be in the same boat as you. I don’t envy people trying to date, it seems really tough!

  7. It absolutely is not in A minor. A major maybe, mixolydian closer which is just D major. But the only chord with a C natural is that F. The A has a C# and so does the F# minor.

  8. I think "shreds" is a little strong. He still let's Johnson get out every point he wants to, even with all of his cross-talk. This was not great - it never is. Journalists just do not know how to interview these traitors and actually stick anything to them. Not a single one can do it, because Johnson and his ilk just lie, obfuscate, gish gallop, point fingers, and say any damn thing they can to not actually answer anything truthfully. It is barely worth interviewing them, especially when no one has a strategy to get anything meaningful out of their mouths.

  9. What do you think senator Johnson lied about?

  10. Yeah, the police in the US are well known for their de-escalation techniques.

  11. Huntsman looking past Lee's support for the insurrectionist-in-chief is disappointing in the least, and at worst betrays the enlightenment ideals that are the foundation of our republic.

  12. Life is so good under Biden though. If he can get us involved in a nuclear conflict with Russia that would easily put him in the top 3 presidents of all time. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  13. I’ll tip my hat but let’s be real he should have pulled out when he had the stroke. You can argue he’s for the people but it’s not a great look when you can’t put together a coherent statement and it’s not a good look when Dr. Oz can beat you (or give the appearance of winning)in a debate. The party should have put him on ice until he was recovered or out to pasture and choose someone else

  14. This is a big problem with Democrats. Almost all Republican politicians are somewhere on the sociopath spectrum, out for power and attention. Doing what comes natural. Many on the other side have some of those qualities too, but for the most part they are actually trying to stand up for people or they would just join the dark side. It's easier for an evil person to seek power than it is for a good person to stand up to evil. Really puts the term 'public service' into perspective.

  15. This is such an interesting take. It puts you and your viewpoint in the center of the universe. You and your party already know the answers to all of life’s problems, you just haven’t been able to implement them because of the “dark side”. This is a crazy take. Hillary Clinton wants to “stand up to people”?

  16. honest question for 'conservative'/right wing/gop voter lurkers, where do you earnestly see the dems (i.e. biden) failing in regards to national electorate concerns and what explicit policies do you see the alternative (i.e gop) enacting to specifically address those concerns? where are the policy failures and how would you want your reps offer a very clear alternative, policy wise?

  17. Immigration is a pretty clear and obvious one IMO. Ensure that Title 42 is not lifted as the Biden admin wanted. Reinstate remain in Mexico policy. Reinstate the safe third country agreement. Both of those were lifted by the Biden administration and seemed to be working to keep illegal immigration in check prior. Over 2 million illegal crossings in FY 2022, the equivalent of adding 3x the population of the City of San Francisco in one year. Where are these people going to live, do we have enough social programs to keep them afloat and feed them?

  18. And moreover, it's a lie. Vaccination (for visitors) and negative non-expired test (for everybody) are required to cross US border.

  19. but if every state did this the GOP would never win another election... It's also the reason every state doesn't do Rank Choice voting.

  20. What is Biden’s approval rating at right now though? I literally don’t know a single person with a more positive outlook on the future now as compared to even 3 years ago. There’s actually talk about nuclear war occurring. This is just pure insanity.

  21. Watching the first round, I actually found a lot that surprised me. I wish it hadn’t, and I wish it had simply been exactly as bad as I had thought (which was really, really bad).

  22. One aspect you missed is: it's not being taught to children, but adults. This is law school stuff.

  23. Do you even have any clue what you’re talking about?

  24. Give us an alternative who’s not trying to be hitler and we can talk.

  25. Everyday life for most Americans was much better under the previous administration.

  26. Ah ok thanks. They’re on stub hub for $220 right now. Good luck!!

  27. What are people’s fav local bar/ restaurant?? I’m sick on chains and wanna do a lot more local!

  28. It doesn’t make sense. Here is the scary thing: to them it does. They don’t deal in logic so applying it to their quotes is a fool’s errand

  29. But it was only 50 people. There is undoubtedly over 50 unused vacation homes or rooms within people’s houses. Why wouldn’t these people be able to stay there?

  30. I appreciate it when people put their crazy right out in the open like this. Thank you for saving me time, MAGA weirdos, I know to avoid your house and general vicinity like the plague.

  31. Please reply with the info to ask the comments cause Reddit has seem to lost your original. That way it's very obvious where to go.

  32. OP didn’t post it anywhere in here. They are a troll. This entire thing is made up, I just spoke with the SAR

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