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  1. Harsh but necessary, I support. Also need to practice with metronome

  2. I think this goes back to the idea of the “dead shots” Starbucks talked about (I don’t believe it and I think it was their way of excusing charcoal as coffee). The flavors in the coffee develop more as your coffee cools, so it may be exposing an issue with your extraction or with the beans themselves.

  3. That's a good point, I'll have to do a comparison of the shot when it's hot vs cold

  4. Might be cooling off. Try taking the sips in quick succession and see if it's still the same.

  5. damn, the entitlement here is astounding. ever actually try cooking with cheap ingredients?

  6. I think the arm design is too thick and it's making the coffee accumulate instead of shuffle around, but I think increasing the speed to 4x that current speed will mitigate some of this issue. Just needs a more violent stirring to really agitate the beans and let it cook evenly

  7. Looks to me like the same dosing cup from a DF64?

  8. Wow, honestly one of the best games growing up. Replayed this so much as a kid that I still get random urges to go back and replay the game every year

  9. honestly triggered me when a few family members and coworkers called it "nespresso" instead of "espresso". No, the home roasted coffee brewing in my gaggia classic right now does not have any affiliation with that terrible company

  10. Not the seller's fault, Fedex misplaced your package and lied and said it was delivered. Like if you sent a letter to a person and they didn't receive it, does the person blame you who only wrote the letter?

  11. Exactly lmao, kinda ridiculous how the answer is staring them right in the face but they'd rather do anything else other than said solution

  12. I think my Whole Foods has one of these. I don’t remember the exact model. But when it first got in I was like oh! Cool! I can grab an espresso on my way out to save time!!!!

  13. people on this sub: "Check out my new LMLM and weber grinder, I hate this sub for doing this to me"

  14. I volunteered with rec and parks at the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area a few times. It was mostly clearing out invasives, but I believe they also had events to plant new native trees and plants.

  15. Christianity and Taoism actually have a lot of similar core teachings. The hypothesis that following Taoism would make better people is biased because Tao practitioners in the United States have a genuine willingness and interest to cultivate and seek Tao since it is not a popular or widely accessible religion/philosophy.

  16. It will eventually crack right at the sharp edges

  17. oh man, do we live the same life? You're listing my all time favorite dishes

  18. So here is another issue. I once tried to take the screen off and ended up damaging the screw part, and I can’t seem to get this off:



  21. it's actually a feature, prevents people from speeding /s

  22. I thought my neighbour across the street was an unfriendly jerk. Until he ran down the street with a shovel to help me dig out my car and push it to the main intersection. He still doesn't say hi in the morning, but I don't think he's a jerk anymore. Maybe just shy?

  23. Thought this was boba in the roasting subreddit 💀

  24. I roast my own coffee and I also buy roasted coffee. I switch beans way too much so I'm single dosing

  25. Not sure about Durgol but I've been using the factory Gaggia descaler and never had a problem. Did you flush it with 3 tanks of water after running the tank of descaler?

  26. wow, that's like new. how'd you get it that clean? cafiza and a brush?

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