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  1. Based alliance in the world first formed against mongol timur and now bosniaks. We will clean the region together 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  2. The current leader of the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (the Turkish minority party) Mustafa Karadayi once said: "I know, that he knows, that not only I and other, many other already know". No need for context.

  3. Hiç aklıma gelmedi ya harbi 32. gün varsa başka bir şeye gerek yok D:

  4. Yes, that fucking tradition. My grandfather was a retired teacher and had A SHIT TON OF covers so I couldn't convince my parents to buy transparent ones. All my school books were covered with a weird tone of blue during elementary school.

  5. Praise him after every match and training. It's mostly his character which determines whether he'll want to leave or not but from my experience with wonderkids I can tell relationship effects the decision too.

  6. These are Christian greeks. Everyone knows real Turks are karabogas 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  7. How do you guys make 4231 and 442 work? Whenever I try to use a formation with wingers, no matter how good those fuckers are they always perform terribly.

  8. Depends on way too many factors to give an answer. If you're playing with wingers, do you have players in the middle who are good in the air? Are you asking them to cross a lot, and if you are, are they good enough at it? Do they have support in the form of fullbacks who can help create an overload? Do they have enough pace and acceleration to beat a man? Do they have some traits that would help? Are there any midfielders arriving late in the box for a cutback?

  9. I usually use a boxtobox and bwm on support in the center midfield and b2b usually positions around the box, mostly to send the ball to the moon. In my recent save I tried playing with a deep lying forward, target man and poacher but none seemed to work. Also, I meant the position winger, not the role. I should've made it more clear.

  10. It was awesome. Too bad there isn't a season 3, I think it deserved a proper finale rather than being abandoned.

  11. Black American. It sounds cool and I can understand most of words but sometimes they become inaudible for me. Especially in most rap songs I realize I've known some words wrong after checking the lyrics.

  12. It's possible erdopolus hired him to produce our own instead of importing cheese from Venezuela.

  13. Stone me, but this is the only GTA game that I've never played before. I will one day, but I am scared of "Serbian" they speak according to some videos. Blasphemy.

  14. Niko Bellic is the most lovable character in all GTA series I think. At least for me.

  15. Yeah, but did you kno that it's bigger than a country? Bigger than several countries? Shocking, but true.

  16. turkos desperately trying to get a job (nephew of akp mayor got it already)

  17. You're not dumb for not liking a genre. It all comes to personal preferences. I don't like Slasher movies either because it's just a dude with a knife as you said and also most of them feel like violence porn.

  18. that is simply not true tho, that would have been like 3 euros which nowhere in europe can you buy 12 wings for a few euro lmfao perhaps 3 / 4 years ago you are thinking of 20 tl.

  19. In Europe you pay the employees who make the food in euros too. Same with other costs.

  20. Welp, I don't know if you're trolling or simply retarded. Either way I'll explain one more time and leave you to believe whatever you want.

  21. Hey hey, we have some good chicks here too, nobody want Montenegro passport God damn, we are loosing to some non existent countries in the comments..

  22. I'll have your passport bro, I can't afford traveling to make use of better ones anyways.

  23. After the US colonized England President Hadrian made the Scot’s pay for a wall then there was some shit with roses, then Franklin invented science by discovering tea sucked, so to get back at us the island people decided to misspell a lot of words and make them sound stupid because they were too lazy to make up their own language, then history history history… Boris Johnson.


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