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George Santos Admits to Lying About College and Work History

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Tory Lanez found guilty on all charges

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Putin's propagandist Nailya Asker-Zade takes a selfie with Elon Musk at the World Cup in Qatar

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  1. I would have loved a full interview from kdot. Hes been around over a decade and only has like 2-3 interviews. I get that his albums are supposed to speak for him but damn i would just love to get more info.

  2. Thats completely irrelevant to you basically kidnapping people and shipping them off to random locations. Youre endangering the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people for a sick political "prank".

  3. This was a massive failure on multiple peoples parts. How can we allow people to become members of congress without requiring any vetting? Letting people in without some sort of extensive background check is asking for massive problems. Its not good enough to say "the voters will do the vetting"

  4. There should be a much much stricter auditing process for candidates. It should no longer be acceptable to just submit the papers and then start campaigning. We should absolutely not have to rely on journalists and news media doing the job

  5. I will admit, i was wrong. I thought he wouldnt be found guilty and he was. I was going by media reports and by the media reports, it didnt seem like tory did it. Guess that goes to show how things can be misleading. Glad that we finally got answers in this case.

  6. Kinda shocking how there arent any regulations on showing up to votes. I wonder how many people can just hop on a flight to cancun without telling anyone at work...

  7. Im still not over the fact that our former president schemed to literally overthrow the government after weeks of threatening anyone he could find. He deserves to rot in jail for this for real. Get it done DOJ.

  8. Im glad this happened but it is extremely frustrating that every spending bill has to be put through this process. We shouldnt need to wait till the 11th hour, wait until the lobbyists get their provisions, give pork to the various districts with political influence and then shove in a bunch of shit that congress doesnt even read or know about. This is just not acceptable or right.

  9. I cant believe that fascist supporters would not like the one guy fighting against an authoritarian regime. Its just sooo surprising to me /s

  10. Honestly, i cant see anything other than a not guilty verdict at this point. Megan needed hard proof and there was none. This is definitely going to hurt her career and it will vindicate a lot of assholes who never respected women to believe with. Just a reminder that even if she did lie, that doesnt mean that all women are liars or pretenders.

  11. Dr dre announces that detox is no longer coming out.

  12. Its really quite shocking how many people were willing to go along with trumps corrupt schemes. The people in the IRS are supposed to be nonpolitical, professional bureaucrats. They arent supposed to cave to a pathetic cry baby who cant even spell. Depressing and distrurbing

  13. It doesnt really inspire confidence in our system of governance that a moron like trump was able to drag out a black and white issue this long. Im glad to finally receive the returns but hoo booy does it scare me that something this simple and to the point was nearly thwarted by a fucking moron like trump

  14. Ehh does CNN really do this, or is this mostly a fox thing? What i will say about CNN is that they do tend to focus wayy wayy too much on the rat race and the "gameification" of politics. But fear and division? I dont know if thats quite accurate. However, i will agree that the 24 hour news cycle in general is very bad and tends to generate lots of premature hype and bs

  15. Sad to see the DOJ go soft on obstruction and witness tampering considering those charges are easier to prove and quicker to try. But also what a fucking scumbag to still cover for trump after everything that happened.

  16. I assume that the timing has a lot to do with russia losing major ground in the war. In addition to asking for more money i can imagine that zelensky is seriously speaking with biden about the possibility of negotiation/stalemate.

  17. Must be nice to be massively criminally negligent to millions of people and then "punished" by forcing to pay back essentially a parking ticket. Very fair and balanced!

  18. Mike pence must be just as stupid as trump to think he has any base of support. The people whose vote you need to get already voiced their opinion. And it was a clear and resounding "hang mike pence". He got holes in his brain or something?

  19. Once again, i ask, how is it possible to tell the federal government what it can and cant choose to spend its own funds on? Doing so would collapse the entire purpose of separate branches and cripple the government. The supreme court would be able to stop the government from doing whatever the fuck they want.

  20. This is how i know the overton window has shifted so right that dick cheney looks like a liberal. in other countries, desantis would be seen as a right wing agitator, but because of trump and the GOP hes just some dude.

  21. Why does the media continue to cover her when she lost and is irrelevant without any position of power? Shes basically no better than your aunt on facebook who complains about george soros at this point

  22. 'thanks for doing a little pro bono work!" i assume she said.

  23. This was pretty much guaranteed from the moment the committee started but as jan 6 proved, sometimes its important to fulfill even ceremonial tasks. Its all to jack smith now to actually do something, or frankly anyone for that matter.

  24. These are presumably the same people saying "its just words bro. its just his opinion. Everyone should have a right to voice their opinion" right?

  25. Gym jordan outlines plan to lie, cry and whine for the next 2 years. If you are deluded enough to think that republicans have anything planned except "impeach hunter bidens penis", then i have some trump nfts to sell you.

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