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  1. Still haven’t come down from that. My first time seeing them. That was insane! I thought it would be more subdued but instead it was more mature but still ferocious!

  2. I agree! And it was my first time seeing them too. I think I'm still in shock lol

  3. I'm legit crying that was the best night of my life.

  4. Use shadow and deeper color. Don’t outline. It looks great. I feel a actual outline will ruin the realistic essence of the drawing

  5. Thanks! I was thinking the black liner would make it look graphic but couldn't decide if I liked that idea or not. I've deepened it a bit more now and it's looking more how I pictured.

  6. Going over all the edges and details with black liner! Like I have with the yellow buds inside the flowers.

  7. So, OP's parents wouldn't allow sister to own her own phone but were perfectly fine with her marrying her groomer teacher? Ugh, I don't know why but that specific divide between treating her as a child and as an adult really weirds me out.

  8. I Will Always Think Of You, not even a question. I listen to it frequently and it always gives me chills.

  9. Thank you, I don't have any insurance through work or otherwise.

  10. We’re about the same age, I’m 26f feel free to send me a dm! I also have a lizard lol

  11. Bliss foods is entirely gluten free!

  12. This post resonates with me so much. I’ve also always gone for more feminine or very thin or just smaller men. I think a lot of my reasoning is that I’m bisexual and I’m very attracted to androgyny or just traits on either side that walk the line of androgyny. I’ve never felt attracted to stereotypical masculinity before. I’m also 26 and don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  13. Yeah androgyny is so cute and hot! I’m not bi myself but the same feeling as my attraction to femininity in men occasionally pops up with women although I’ve never dated one.

  14. I understand what you mean! I haven’t really dated women or had much experience with it aside from a couple short flings but the attraction is VERY much there. It makes sense too if you’re finding yourself attracted to androgynous women if you already do with androgynous men

  15. I also used to love Awkward and for almost the first half of the first season I thought it was the actor who played Matty. It wasnt until I searched about the actors that I was shocked to find out I was wrong. So funny to find out I'm not the only one who thought this, esp because I didn't think Awkward was that well known of a show!

  16. I didn’t think so either! I had a feeling it wasn’t him but I was kinda hoping lol

  17. No problem! And I just checked, it is still on crave

  18. One more thing: I lost my shit when they dropped the Simpsons reference towards the Molemen, the little gems in this show are incredible.

  19. Question: how many of us are going to pace ourselves instead of eating the entire Part in one bingy session?

  20. Lol, I just watched the entire season today after work. Oops

  21. I’m seeing them for the first time on Saturday! Can’t wait

  22. They are amazing. Mick was just 2.5 hours of nonstop energy.

  23. YESSSSSS that is 100% what I wanted to hear I am SO excited

  24. Ohhh yeah. I’m thinking about ordering a pizza right now lol. I figure I’m going to just focus on not drinking for now and worry about eating healthier later. One thing at a time!

  25. I’m in the same boat. Can’t fix everything all at once!

  26. I’m at three weeks too! We’ve got this ❤️

  27. Love this! Just hit day 20 today myself and it’s been so amazing! Excited to see where it takes us. I will not drink with you today!

  28. Ooof I feel this. I have a big vacation coming up and I’m going to see my all time fave band at a festival. Feels like a drinking occasion, DEFINITELY like it “doesn’t count”. I really understand that one. But I’ll save so much money if I don’t drink and I’ll actually have a clear memory of their set!

  29. Thank you so much for sharing and letting me know I’m not alone!

  30. That sounds like so much fun! Yeah most of my time at shows was spent just trying to get in the drink line or sneak booze in. Sad really.

  31. I’m saving about 300 a month. I definitely understand how good it feels, and how oddly shocking it is to just have.... extra money? Lol

  32. Day two is so hard but day three starts to ease up on you! It did with me for sure! You’ve got this!

  33. I honestly thought I was crazy for thinking this way! Thanks for sharing interesting to see I’m not alone

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