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  1. I always have some tinnitus no matter what. It's usually a dull tone, so I don't notice it often anymore. Ear is always a little full too, that's also become tolerable.

  2. Hey Everyone, got a random question. I've been a rideshare driver for a few years now. 2022 though, I traded in the car I used for the last few years for a new one. Do I have to state the money I made trading in my old car (which went became a down payment on my new car) as income on my tax return this year?

  3. Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit gave me a nightmare or two growing up.

  4. That headline made me nervous at first, but yeah, John Carpenter is a legend!

  5. Yeah that's pretty much what I have now. I was diagnosed in 2015 but I haven't had a full fledged vertigo spell in 1-2 years. Now I just get the occasional quick dizzy spell for a few seconds.

  6. I saw it a couple months back. Thought it was pretty good, well acted and creatively shot, but thought the satire was hit and miss. Still enjoyed it.

  7. Just took your survey. If you've ever contributed to a crowdfunding campaign, I'd appreciate if you took mine. Should take five minutes, thanks!

  8. just completed your questionnaire, if you wouldn't mind doing mine for my dissertation that would be great:)

  9. Hey, just filled out your survey, would love it if you filled out mine too :)


  11. Eden Lake. Almost all horror movies are in some way unjust, but having everyone who was remotely good or decent suffer while the worst people survived unscathed, especially considering how realistic it was, it left me feeling completely hollow at the end.

  12. Definitely! That's a well-made movie I'll never be able to watch again.

  13. Sleep Tight. This is a Spanish horror film from 2011. Very well made movie, but I don't think I've seen a film that left me with such a sense of dread and hopelessness as much as that one did.

  14. Here's a short film I made a few years ago about an evil kid. If you like, please subscribe!

  15. Batman Forever, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Happy Death Day 2 are a few that come to mind.

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