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  1. That dialogue from Mahanati where she goes: nenu deeniki panikiraanu ani cheppadaniki valli evaru?

  2. I’m a South Indian, upper caste woman with an ambiguous surname, and whenever I meet other Indians, and they hear my name, I openly get asked what caste I am. I just shrug and say that I don’t know to piss them off

  3. And why did you have to mention "upper caste"? This comment could have been written without using that phrase and it would sound the same.

  4. I mean, this is a post about caste based discrimination and there are other comments who also mentioned being upper class but okay, I guess

  5. The best dish is dal with freshly made mango pickle with ghee - south indian style mango pickle

  6. Found a fellow Telugu dude here! Hi there! Avakay and Aloo Fry are my go to foods when I’m missing home 😅

  7. I’d say 2/10. Love marriage, ran away together 33 years ago. Initially, things were good, but then my dad started earning really well. We moved to San Francisco first, then to London. Then my mom got used to a standard of living that we can’t really afford anymore. She became this toxic presence in our lives due to her habits, her non confrontational way of dealing with things led to her separating me and my dad and we didn’t even realise this until a few weeks ago. My dad would have been in a much better place if he didn’t show her all these expensive stuff that she’s now used to. My dad contributed to this and now she won’t stop spending. It’s killing us but she doesn’t care, as long as she got her latest iPhone, takeouts and ubers everywhere, she doesn’t give a fuck. They both bring out the worst in each other, but they’re good people when away from each other. Shame that they still love each other, since they are still not realising that they’re bad for each other, AND for me. Might be worth mentioning that my dad comes from a generational wealth and barristers before independence kind of family and my mom is from a poor family.

  8. Mom is from a poor family.. that’s why. Aunty is YOLOing.

  9. Bruh, pretty much! This woman splurges like no one’s business on sarees, she doesn’t wear any saree that cost less than 10,000 rupees. I went broke during my trip to India bc she wouldn’t stop asking for sarees and wouldn’t leave me alone. My dad is worried about how he’s gonna pay for my wedding and I’m worried about how I’m gonna move out and survive by myself if she can’t stop spending both our salaries. In hindsight, I should have grown a backbone ages ago but no time like the present

  10. I’m in the UK, where the housing market is pretty much fucked. The only way I can ever get my hands on a down deposit is to sell my family home (in India) with my parents and use that money to put down a deposit. I can definitely afford a mortgage. I cannot afford a deposit and will never be able to if I were to save for it instead. Fml

  11. SOS, AVPL and then Pushpa, both me and my friends stand for this order

  12. South Indian here: Taste of India in East Ham High St. The food there is the most authentic out of the whole lot out there. Can’t say the same for North Indian food tho.

  13. I live in Ilford, so the journey is not too bad, only a 15 min drive. Might pop down to Canary Wharf to give it a try though! Thanks!

  14. Hey hey! Not the Brett from Hell’s Kitchen! That guy was nice. So maybe barring that one dude, fuck the rest of them!

  15. Thank god my dad always told me that whether I’m married/single/live-in relationship, I’m the only one I can trust for things like this and no one else. This man taught me the value of a good education and I plan on getting multiple degrees in the future, mainly bc I love learning. He always told me ‘never blindly trust a man, they will let you down somehow’. Sadly, he’s right. My dad always encouraged my mom to study and get her degree, but his parents never let her, and by the time both of them passed, it was too late for her. So he chose to show me the value of an education, especially for a girl, and he made sure I developed an independent way to live my life. I don’t take shit from anyone bc of this and I’ll always choose to fight for my right to anything. People tell my dad that I’m arrogant but he corrects them and says that I’m not arrogant, but rather that I’m a fighter and independent.

  16. The District line has a few regulars.

  17. That’s so kind of you. Seems like a small gesture, but I’m sure this had a big impact on the guy. Bless you ❤️

  18. God of War: Ragnarok is also amazing. I played it recently over Christmas break and it was jaw dropping, how good it looked on the TV

  19. There are several on YouTube, but almost all are at least 1 hour + and most are 2-3 hours long. Like how detailed should the recap be?

  20. Hey! Not too detailed, they don’t need to know everything, the basic outline of the story so far will do :)

  21. I went to Bleu Basil with my cousins in Himayat Nagar, it’s a nice buffet, costs around 600 per person and is a Veg restaurant

  22. I once forgot to put it on contacts only after a colleague sent me something, and on the same day, received a dick pic. Bc I could see the preview, I declined, turned it to contacts only and went about my day.

  23. Main Hoon Naa and Om Shanthi Om are part of my Hindi classics, ngl

  24. That’s the thing, I never gave it a chance bc I thought it might have a sad ending. Peak stupidity there I guess 😭

  25. Would recommend watching the video recipe of Aloo Parathas on youtube by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, that’s been my go to since I was a teenager.

  26. I watched this in the cinemas when it came out. I loved the first half, it gave me goosebumps. The second half, however, was mediocre at best. SRK’s performance was peak in this film though, and the director did the film injustice by fudging the second half. Would still rewatch though. If only it reached its potential 😢

  27. Is this gonna be like another Chandralekha cameo 💀💀💀

  28. Was in Hyd for ten days mid Jan, I’m originally from the UK, but I found the temperatures to be much warmer than I was expecting (was told that it would be between 16-20c)

  29. I do enjoy Shah Rukh Khan movies lol (Om Shanti Om might be my favorite) Don has actually been on my Netflix list for a while just haven't watched it.

  30. SRK might be King but Amitabh Bhachan’s Don is miles better, please watch that one if you can find it with subs

  31. Kanyasulkam! That film is such a good comedy, and both NTR and Savitri are amazing in it. Would also recommend Missamma, Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu, Thodi Kodallu, Pathala Bhairavi and the other recommendations I have seen here are good too!

  32. I use a cineworld card (basically a subscription to go watch as many films as we want for like £20 a month in the UK) so it was free for me but ticket price was originally £17 bc superscreen. Wouldn’t have minded paying for Shahrukh tho ❤️

  33. oh lol What kinda offer is that. There must be some restriction. How do they keep a check on people from exploiting it

  34. Idk how many films before we hit a limit but I know people who watch films literally every other day and they had no issues

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