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  1. I don't think most people are unaware that COVID is still a concern and potentially deadly to certain groups of people.

  2. In the city with rampant crime, homeless tent cities, bums shitting in the street, and where ever car that parks for 15 minutes or more gets their windows smashed?

  3. Do you really think that uniformed police officers are the ones enforcing the law?

  4. Yeah there’s really no way to fix it without making the game worth something for the teams/players and I don’t think even money would incentivize players to risk injury. So the pro bowl is always going to suck.

  5. Should include an injury guarantee that pays out everything left on their contract plus what a panel says they would have made in the remainder of their career. That won't be cheap, but it would help get players interested.

  6. Seems silly to go into F1 right as ICE car sales are beginning to decline.

  7. It blows my mind the amount of planning, expense and work that went in to arrive at.... this. You had the the ability to place the TV at ANY height and that is what was chosen? It isn't even angled down so you've got full glare to contend with too!

  8. Getting group discounts that are made available by an organization isn’t breaking the law - it’s basically the same as saying you have AAA when you check into a hotel. And what are they supposed to do “hello, yes we would like to fill your venue with opposing fans so please sell us your tickets.”

  9. There are some damn good RBs hitting free agency too. Pollard, Jacobs, or Miles Sanders could all be there.

  10. They have $35m in cap space before cutting Mixon, they can easily pay all their guys with even moderate back loading of their deals.

  11. Is there a way for them to front load Burrow’s extension to use some of that now so they have more flexibility as his deal matures?

  12. Unpopular opinion, I think the Manning cast would be better if it were simply the manning brothers doing color commentary with a standard play by play guy. Again I might be in the minority, but I feel like it should either be a Manning’s chat show with interviews or an nfl broadcast with the Manning brothers providing commentary together but not try to be both at the same time.

  13. They should only have football legends…who also talk about the game.

  14. Explain why anyone with sense would launder money on a public forum.

  15. Ehh you have to take C&D lap times with a grain of salt. That's way too big of a difference.

  16. If you are proud to show it off, we are happy to have you. If you just want to spectate a chit chat, that's great too!

  17. I am going to look into that for next summer. Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. He's borderline. His defense definitely was more of a problem than the offense in several years. I try to keep it calculated - PFR's HoF Monitor isn't perfect but it has a good line in the sand - average HoF QB is at 109 - Matt Ryan (106), Big Ben (100), and then Rivers (98) are below that line.

  19. That’s never going to happen as long as people remember he’s from Marshall.

  20. He did. His hometown is Marshall, MN.

  21. The system was built around him this season. Hackett said as much, especially stuff like Russ bringing empty packages from Seattle etc. Which was the problem as he sucked out of empty 😂

  22. I'm pretty sure a QB's prime starts well before they hit their mid 30's.

  23. Agreed. Mid 30s is when players have to rely on intelligence, preparation, experience, etc. as their athletic skills start to decline.

  24. Dolphins continue to get better. Their defense showed a lot of promise and a new DC could push them over the edge.

  25. Unrelated but Gillette should also put a huge Vince Wilfork statue in the front entrance, plugging the A gap so to speak

  26. That would be hilarious. Put it right in the way and on the back, an inscription - "he did the same thing to opposing offenses."

  27. I've heard far worse from extremely nice people in the locker room after a bad game.

  28. Especially big losses in preventable circumstances. Chances of that FG without the penalty are less than 33%, IMO.

  29. Usually the kitchen – and often not even connected originally (for fire safety reasons).

  30. I had no clue, but that is a brilliant fire protection method for the era before running water and chemical extinguishers.

  31. Of all reasons Texas is joining the SEC, money making wasn't the biggest issue. They already made more than anyone else.

  32. I truly think UT could make more money if they could market their own tier 1s. There are probably 5-10 other schools that could as well.

  33. God damnit the big 12 ruined the pac 12 again. First they made the big 10 take usc and ucla and now they negotiated a contract in their own self interest.

  34. And they could all easily be upgraded as proven at Eurosatory 2022 using the Cockerill 3105 Turret.

  35. Go ask the Russians how good their tanks fared in Grozny. They would've had better results sending in their tank crews as poorly trained infantery.

  36. The Russian's failures in Grozny would have been the same if they'd been riding on Abrams. No tanks can absorb multiple modern RPGs rounds from above which is often what occurred in Grozny - people shooting from windows or rooftops. Few tanks can deal with multiple molotov cocktails to the engine compartment as they will first exhausting the fire suppression system, then be vulnerable to another firebomb.

  37. Frank is gonna ball out in the SB. And we will bitch and moan next year when he is injured again.

  38. Yep. Certain higher end cars have grille shutters which supposedly improve fuel economy by making the car more aerodynamic.

  39. There are much easier ways to save that much fuel- why do you think they resorted to such a complex and janky solution?

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