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  1. Fortunately, the officers’ marksmanship is as poor as their judgment. What would happen to you if you fired into someone’s house?

  2. A proverbial rape of your finances, mental health and rights by going to prison, having your firearms confiscated and image ostracized on social media.

  3. Thus you actually do not have a right to bare arms. Looks good on paper but in practice, they can revoke your right to life for simply using it.

  4. Dirty - thick chunky with skin, buttery af, some garlic and maybe green onions.

  5. Probably sell more AKs at gas stations for cash only to ensure statists like you continually seethe

  6. have fun getting arrested when we make that federally illegal spanky 😘 shouldn't have touched abortion now you lose everything 😁

  7. Yeah outrun is the big retrowave subreddit, I'm sure there's others but probably not as active.

  8. Thank you. Sub is cringe. Probably wont post again. "Camo makes you an easy target / you'll die because other people are more fit than you." Too many dumb ass responses.I would love to share my backpacking setup with dyneema and titanium gear. I just am shocked by the nonsense responses.

  9. I'm just happy to see a bullpup and 762 fuckin nato. An AR with a Glock 19 is extremely boring and lame.

  10. TY. Glocks are old tech and outdated, except for parts support. The masada trigger destroys any glock, but the canik rival beats them all. The US army is switching to 6.8 caliber with the NGSW, and most of the negative replies have been "too heavy, can you even run?" Ignoring that the US military is changing to a 308 win family cartridges recently, as well as it being fielded for decades. Im all for 308 win family, but the Tavor 7 lacks a bit in ideal characteristics. Lacking twist rate and expected factory grouping. Same kit could be paired with a 6.5 cm M5E1, which is 2lbs heavier and 9" longer. Similar kit will be fielded with the 6.8 in the near future. A 6.5 T7 would be insane. Low recoil, super accurate, compact.

  11. Glocks outdated? Damn, you'd think I'm a caveman (justifiably tbh) because I run a milled AK with a light clamped to the barrel and usually without an optic, plus a Beretta M9A1 for a sidearm lol

  12. I see someone hasn't tried Texas BBQ, Florida Cubans, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, etc etc

  13. New Jersey pizza/Italian cuisine, southern texmex, South Carolina bbq, dude's a fucking pissant.

  14. what if I told you that art is still art no matter how little you like the process of its creation

  15. No, because it wasn't "created" like real art, it needs a person to make it and AI is just a soulless, intangible... thing.

  16. I knew you'd say that, but photography requires someone to take the photo, find the right angle, get the right ISO, aperture, focus, color values, lighting, composition, getting to the actual spot for the right photo, all this that still needs a person with a creative eye to produce.

  17. Fuck me, I love these big, bold and painting style posters. Great product of its time, a lot of work put into them and always look great

  18. Never underestimate the talents of a mental contortionist.

  19. The job has some bult-in issues, but most genuinely want to make their communities a safer place to live.

  20. If it's enforcing unconstitutional laws or their paycheck, they almost always go for the paycheck.

  21. I had to remind my friend who is a cop about this sort of concept. You are absolutely right. They are not based.

  22. Watched it awhile ago but doesn't he also say that any action performed to get an orgasm is considered sex to him

  23. sorry i didn't get it, are you working on a font type of something?

  24. I always wondered why they haven’t made a live action jetsons

  25. A .22 caliber rifle. A pistol. (Caliber of your choice). A bolt action rifle. Again, caliber of your choice. An AR pattern rifle. And a shotgun.

  26. How about doing a detailed build video on this? I failed at making my own dong grip from scratch, but following you lead I could see doing this for my own AK.

  27. Why not turn the back end of that cetme handguard into the top handguard? Seems doable.

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