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  1. Very unreasonable on their part to ask for such expensive gifts, and for what really? What benefit they have out of an iphone that a regular phone cannot offer to them.

  2. BC SBI ko adani ke naam kar do ek hi bar chutti karo. Roj roj nautanki kyu karni

  3. Underwriting simply means that your lender verifies your income, assets, debt and property details in order to issue final approval for your loan.

  4. On what basis do they approve the loan for an over leveraged company? They dont have assets to cover their exoating liabilities. The share price has been kept up high by pumping LIC money otherwise Adani is already under water.

  5. It seems like even in Gujarat, it might not be as clear. The rural and tribal seem to have a strong anti-incumbency wave. The urban though seem to very pro-BJP. Although the voters have gone silent. So who knows.

  6. Thats what i am hearing as well. In fear of reprisal people arent openly disclosing their choices as well. Its not cake walk with modi himself forced to camp there himself and tske charge.

  7. I expect congress to go ahead in himachal and gujarat is not going to be a cakewalk.

  8. I went with a new 23 Elantra SEL with convenience and do not regret it. The lane centering and adaptive cruise control are much more advance compared to the competitors and at MSRP it's barely more expensive than an off lease used car. Plus Hyundai gives the original owner 10yrs/100k mile warranty. Take the plunge!

  9. What advantage convenience pkg offers? I am heading to autonation tomorrow for base sel. Didnt want to splurge for a a car to drive around town. We barely drive 50-60 miles a week.

  10. Have you checked AutoNation Toyota dealerships?

  11. Thanks for the tip here. Searched around and autonation hyundai has elantra in stock. No markup and there is some hyundai finance offer to boot. .9% for 48 months. Setup appt for tomorrow. My 2012 elantra is starting to get some rsttling sounds from engine so hopefully can get to exchage it while used car prices r high.

  12. What. Modi's homestate doesnt even finds a mention?

  13. He still stands tall. No anount of noney or muscle power could break him.

  14. Yeah scouting for YouTube videos and a few Facebook simps, he is headed Subramanium Swamy way

  15. If you take your head out of modi's ass, you would be able to see some real happenings around you. Otherwise you are welcome to stay surrounded in that dog shit.

  16. Why would they carry nonsensical propaganda on their platform?

  17. A brilliant scholer's life destroyed just because the terrorst duo wants to go ahead with their divisive agenda. I hope he just finds a way and leaves this shithole of nation that has no value for humam life.

  18. The way they are reacting, they seem to be shitting bricks. Who would hv imagined Modi himself will be forced to come down for a door to door campaign. They have nothing to show for work done for masses and uncontrolled inflation and price rise could be a final nail in their coofin.

  19. I would hv recommended ladakh but u must hv seen enough of mountains in europe, i would suggest Kerala.

  20. report what? that a billionaire is having a buyer's remorse and has lost a few fuses in his brain after buying twitter?

  21. Who in their right mind would not opt for it when their neighbours are using free electricity? This will make people not understand the importance of resources and let light, fans run even when not at home. Or keep taps open resulting in water wastage.

  22. Sure do that. Moment you cross 400 units, full bill will land on your door. Same goes for water. 20001 litres of water used in one month lands you the whole bill.

  23. yeah, btw im not specifically talking about delhi, its okay if it providing freebies and still having an economic suplus, but what about punjab, was it necessary to give freebies there?

  24. Yes. And Punjab is managing it well. This would be first year in a long time where Punjab's debt buden will not increase or if it does, rate of increase will be negligible. There is enough tax money coming in to spend on these people centric benefits which one neta started calling freebie culture as he clearly sees a writing on the wall.

  25. Manipulating elections in India? Is it why the RW terroists continue to win elections in India?

  26. Them : The Hunter Biden story is REAL! Mountains of evidence! The only reason you haven't seen it is because they SILENCED the media!

  27. Story is as real as trump won in 2020 elections

  28. Every day he comes up with new nonsense to keep twitter engagement high. Of course RW terroists are super ready to satisfy his bloated ego.

  29. If you click continue more than 3 times, it’ll eventually let you skip the activation. Then go into cellular settings and delete the esim.

  30. Uh, wish i knew this before i sold mine. Had to give them the last 4 of ssn and then spent 30 minutes with support to get my number back.

  31. It will transfer your sim to apple 14 e sim. Your old phone will lose service.

  32. It never was. Only a cry baby stated showing his tanturms.

  33. He's a great man. If everyome can help him grow his channel, please try to watch his videos and lwt the ad's run as well. Our minute or two additional spent on video will collectively help him get better revenues from youtube to help him sustain and grow his channel.

  34. Making twitter better for Democracy lol. By supporting and bringing on all the RW terrorists back on platform, he is making it better for Democracy.

  35. It’s not BS. First, you’re wanting them to work for free. Do you make a practice of working for free in your profession? T-Mobile doesn’t give the stores a penny to operate and pay their payroll except for the transactions they they do in their store. It’s insulting to do your transaction elsewhere and then expect them to button it up for you when it generates them absolutely nothing. It just burns their time and energy. Second, if they take your trade in into their store and the warehouse determines later there is something wrong with it, T-Mobile will charge the store for it. So good for them not taking in your trade in devices. They didn’t waste their time on a customer who clearly prefers to cut them out of the equation in terms of any monetary compensation and yet somehow expects them to render assistance.

  36. Doesn't TMobile own the corporate store? If their policy states you can trade it in store, heck i am taking it to their corporate stores.

  37. Congratulations on your success. I would prefer places outside India that offer better connectivity overall. There is expat town south if san diego in mexico for example. Beachfront community, decent rents and you stay relatively closer to where your investments are.

  38. Just tried signing up a new account under another household member name. But they sent the original account an email of service cancellation. So looks like I will be out internet for a few days.

  39. No that's not how we did it. We scheduled the cancellation for a couple of weeks out. And a new person scheduled their own 'move in date'. You just have to put on the xFi modem and enable service. Ours was done kind of immediately.

  40. I never set a cancellation for the original account, Xfinity just canceled it on their own. Anyways yeah figured that in 2 years that will be future me problem to figure out how to reduce the bill again

  41. Yeah. Once you learn to game the system, you won't run into such issues again. If you have an xfinity store nearby, maybe you can go and grab the modem from there.

  42. Buy a flip 3 from ebay for 300. And order s22 ultra unlocked at best buy trading in the flip 3. Will cost u another 120 or change to get a brand new ultra. U can sell ur broken one for 3-400 for parts on fleabay. Best buy is low on stock so may want to hurry up.

  43. so just sayn this as a non-american - the polarization in the US is tearing society there apart. its no bueno. if you look at elons actions and comments, it seems hes trying to balance things out and create a way for rationa, civil discussion.

  44. There isn't any balancing act. He's been tweeting shit and ends up deleting a few hours later.

  45. Seems you already forgot a lot of details, and only a twisted version of reality remained.

  46. looking at the way he is treating twitter staff, i can imagine the billionaire wanted to continue his factories lest he has to provide for them salaries with no work. he has absolutely no regards for the lives of those working for him unless they commit to working 24x7 for him no stop. thank goodness for labor laws else he would be the modern version of slave owner.

  47. Idiotic. He is not cut out to be a cut throat politician that can challenge the current establishment.

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