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  1. Would anyone like a ticket for tomorrow? I had to switch days, and still have my ticket for Tomorrow. I paid $50 for it, but I am willing to take less than that if that’s not possible for someone

  2. Every time you set state in your useEffect you will cause a re-render. That becomes an issue because the issueSlug being returned by useParams is probably changing references which will cause your useEffect to run again so you need to do a deeper comparison of the issueSlug which the dependency array of your useEffect is not doing. You could accomplish this by storing the previous value of the issueSlug in a ref and then comparing the value in the ref to the current value of the issueSlug in an if statement at the top of your useEffect which will stop it from running.

  3. Just updated the post with more correct information lol

  4. Just realized I had put up the wrong file -- edited my post, maybe it's easier to spot a mistake now?

  5. "Good-bye, friend Elijah, and remember that, although people apply the phrase to Aurora, it is, from this point on, Earth itself that is the true World of the Dawn"

  6. Whatever floats your boat, it's just not that important. You do it and then it's over you haven't made any more progress in life.

  7. O-Chem. Harvard fired an O-Chem professor that wouldn’t grade on the curve.

  8. Pretty sure it was Columbia? This is a recent story right

  9. My CS teacher told me when he was writing my LOR. The average for my school is nearly 800 so I don’t doubt it

  10. A friend of mine got into Harvard with ~1300 on her SAT, before it went test optional. Another got into Stanford with a 1200. You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot!

  11. Didn't the church push it since it fit their needs well? Or was that just that earth is the center of the galaxy

  12. Hi, I'm a college student and regularly use LaTex. DM me the pages and we can go from there

  13. Yeah, confirmed. BTW, to OP, just found out this (5yr old tho)

  14. Dell XPS 15 gets you an OLED, Razor blade 15 can get an i7 and 3080Ti if you game, and the top Lenovos are competitive build-quality.

  15. I know this is anecdotal, but my $2300 Dell XPS 15 (32gb RAM, 1 TB SSD) lasted an entire 2 years before it went to shit. It's battery runs out in less than an hour and it's heating is terrible. The engineering just isn't there

  16. At that point only Palps could reasonably deal with him. Even then, he isnt held back by the cybernetic suit so its possiblely a very close duel.

  17. It'll be close, but I think after watching Sidious vs Savage and Maul, Anakin wouldn't stand a chance. Sidious at the end of CW is pretty much the most powerful duelist alive IMO

  18. lmao the latter would be palpatine's strategy for sure

  19. I mean... Palpatine left the murder of Yoda, one of the strongest Force users of his time, to two clones

  20. If I recall correctly, R2 actually sabotages the droid in Epsiode IV

  21. Thanks for the info! While I was reading up on it, I also found this

  22. ok thanks! Any Turkish islands worth seeing? My wife won't be able to go to the Greek ones.

  23. Bodrum isn't an island but it's coastal and a world-class destination overall

  24. The presidency can be won with 23.1 percent of the popular vote. How in the world is that equal weighting?

  25. Nothing was released online, I was waiting to be able to post it if it was.

  26. Do you think personal experience of the dilapidated conditions of the country are trumped by "data"?

  27. You completely glossed over my point and put in "THIS IS WHY YUROP IS BETTER!" I got taxed at 45% of my income in Iceland and spent 2K a month to live in a studio apartment. That's more than my mortgage here. They also had 40 year mortgages and interest rates on debt much higher than the US. Yes, I'd love to live like bugs crammed into hovels because that's all I can afford. Because there is nothing outside of major cities in way of work.

  28. As a life-long Windows user, I had the exact same thoughts. My internship this summer gave us Macbooks, and honestly they are a game changer, I'll be switching over for sure. macOS UI just makes sense and is way more "fluid" than Windows, you just need to give it one or two days.

  29. How much would it absolutely fuck with their heads if every 100th repeat or so you threw in the richard cheese version

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