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  1. Contradicting what Dan Connolly reported earlier and Kubatko is more reliable when it comes to the orioles.

  2. Connolly was speculating off his ass as per usual

  3. this is the funniest "outrage" i've ever seen lmao. All cause Dan Connolly randomly assumed that they weren't offering multi-year deals to pitchers lmfao

  4. They have had that philosophy for awhile. Until Ubaldo Duquette stated they don't believe in giving out more than 3 years to starting pitchers. That came straight form ownership

  5. yeah i get that it was the previous regime's philosophy, but like Elias has said the length of contracts was circumstantial earlier today. Like a Gibson contract? should only be one year. A rodon contract? should be longer. The FO and the ownership isn't the same, as much as everyone criticizing would like to think it is.

  6. if "it's in the net" guy isn't doing work, it's a god damn travesty

  7. because we would rather have legitimacy than have our local dudes get any relevance. We have great American soccer commentary but everyone is terrified of not being "legit" so they throw it out.

  8. Didn’t Elias just have an interview saying length of contracts are entirely circumstantial?

  9. Nah dan connolly clearly has some special insight here that makes him more reliable than the GM of the team 😂😂😂

  10. Yeah lets get angry about the offseason on December 7th, surely this won’t age poorly.

  11. It’s dan connolly lmao, the dude is almost always wrong. Let’s try not to overreact to the entire offseason on day 3 of winter meetings Lmfaooooo

  12. Sure, it's only day 3 of the winter meetings, but most of the big names are already off the board. Of the ones remaining, the O's haven't even been mentioned as being in the mix for any of them.

  13. The thing is people are basically starting from being pissed in general because of XYZ, orioles bad, angelos cheap and a million other dated reasons to get annoyed at the Orioles. so no matter what the Orioles do, they’ll be angry. The orioles have been linked plenty with rodon, so them not being linked with any big names ain’t true. It takes two to tango and if a FA doesn’t want to come to Baltimore, it’s whatever. It happens

  14. The trade simulator engine fails to really do prospects right and hates anyone making any money.

  15. This is dumb as fuck. We're gonna get to 2025 playing the same lackluster soccer, not scoring a ton of goals and everyone's gonna say "well we can't fire him now, it's too close to the World Cup." Then we're gonna go out in the round of 16 again, and everyone's gonna be like let's look other places, while we just wasted four years of time on a guy who ain't it.

  16. If we don’t score consistently throughout qualifying, regional tournaments and the World Cup, that’s on the coach not the players.

  17. Half of y’all don’t know schemes for shit so let’s stop pretending anyone knows how good/bad taggart would be as a hire

  18. No the best offense for Lamar Jackson is the one the Eagles are using right now. Spread the field to either give Lamar open running lanes or force a spy and take away a defender in an already spread D

  19. We were literally doing this at the start of this game and lamar got hurt. We can’t spread the field like that because the line without Stanley doesn’t hold up for long enough. It’s a confluence of problems that means we can’t spread the field.

  20. This would be incredibly funny so I want it to happen

  21. One of the Angelos brothers have business interest in Nashville and has said he would move if it made sense under his control

  22. John has never said he would move it. Louis has alleged that John wants to move it

  23. And yet, year after year after year, second year players struggle. Wonder why

  24. Because baseball is hard? Teams adjust all the time there’s no correlation to a sophomore slump. It doesn’t exist. Teams have so much data from the minor leagues, they know where the holes in your swing are or where you tend to miss with certain pitches, etc. like there’s really no correlation at all, teams adjust all the time.

  25. The minshew one is worse because that dude is the definition of a mop up QB, and half this sub thought he was a starter forever

  26. To be completely fair, for a lot of the top teams in the world, the grand majority of their players spent their formative years within just the top sides in their country. Whether it is England, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France etc. a lot of the academies they came from are teams in their top divisions, and I am talking about academies where these players joined between the ages of 10-18.

  27. That’s not true. Look at those photos where WC teams put on the jerseys of their childhood clubs. The majority of them come from random ass sides around the nation. France, the Netherlands have both done this at the last world cups and the majority of them come from their local club team rather than the top side.

  28. Honestly this speaks to how much they must like GRod, Bradish, Hall, and/or Kremer. I think they view at least two of them as top level starters in 2023

  29. They did say last year that they view bradish in the same tier as Grayson and hall, I’m not that surprised but it’s nice to see their confidence

  30. AL East experience, solid reliable pitcher w plus stuff, and a lefty to take advantage of Walltimore? Sign me up

  31. Bagwell and Pudge got in because they were clean to the best of the writers' knowledge.

  32. "clean" dog it was the 90s, everyone and their mother was juiced to the gills.

  33. Piazza was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2016 after he admitted to using PEDs. Bagwell did the same. Why the double standard for some but not others? It's just MLB internally politicking guys they like into the Hall of Fame and guys they don't like out of it. It's dumb but it's what it is.

  34. Source on Piazza admitting to using PEDs? I always assumed he probably did, but I never heard that he admitted it.

  35. he said he used andro in his autobiography, and said it's not steroids so technically he didn't use PEDs (which is bullshit lmao).

  36. He's not even better than Palmeiro. He's not getting in.

  37. Feel like the Orioles are past the rejuvenation projects and need to focus on getting players that will improve the team immediately.

  38. nobody is past rejuvenation projects. The dodgers sign one or two every year. The rays do it all the time. Getting production out of undervalued guys from other orgs that are seen as washed, unfixable, expendable, etc, is how you stay a consistently good organization and a desired place to play, because you can fix problems that guys have.

  39. Isn’t Kone the only player being discussed as a academy talent transferring out? All the rest were just smart previous signings?

  40. whats the difference? identifying foreign and domestic talent that is undervalued and selling it on for profit is just as useful for a team.

  41. the crazy thing is our offense is the most dogshit thing ever with a backup QB and russ is basically just matchin it

  42. Nope. Lopez is kinda mid. People hype him up but he's a 3 on a playoff team. If it was for Rogers, I'd be a little bit more excited because his stuff kinda clears Lopez, but with struggles last year his price would be lower, so i could stomach the trade more than with Lopez.

  43. Ideally I’d be nice if they would rotate their invitations to CONCACAF teams. Because just only inviting either Mexico or the US all the time isn’t going to improve the federation as a whole.

  44. Improving the federation as a whole isn't the goal. The only reason CONEMBOL ever invites us is because we're a moneybag.

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