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  1. Rich people don't abide by the same rules as the plebs. This isn't new.

  2. What??? Where did you read that? Never ever heard of this before.

  3. I cant remember where I read it but he would pick up/hit on girls in high school. I'll try & find the article/post - its an indepth one if I remember correctly. He lived in a Cali town and it was known that he hit on high school girls.

  4. I really wish her memories of that day were restored for her when she was brought back from the dead. Another contributing factor to her depression in season 6 but we wouldn’t have found out until much later - would’ve been a cool reveal.

  5. Just checked, they didn't delete their comments, the comments including yours were removed.

  6. Mine were still showing up though (even had a friend check this morning). Weird

  7. I loved it! And I thought it was totally believable - her taking on the Predator. She had shown she's smart, and thinks outside the box. She also trains and shows discipline. Good little character nods at the beginning to hint that she's totally capable.

  8. My only complaint was that damn ax. Did they just tell physics to sit down and shut up?

  9. Lucky for him it happened back in the good old days when women had reproductive rights. She had an abortion.

  10. Well if she's from Vegas then she'd OK. Nevada codified abortion rights into law a while ago. I think 22 weeks & it can't be taken away unless voting on (by the people not state legislative).

  11. For me, it doesn't really seem that adult. Just because protagonists are older doesn't mean they are mature. I find AtS characters to be petty and small-minded and not working as a team. Their character development seems to be for the worst.

  12. For me it's the ages and story lines are more adult. Angel in season 1 (where I'm at right now) goes to bars/clubs and works with that one cop lady. When it first aired I wasn't into it (I was 14). Now I'm watching it and it's more enjoyable then I remembered.

  13. Funnily I just started Angel (still on season 1) and I'm enjoying it.

  14. I'm not arguing wether or not Jones was right about this case. I think this trial is going to pave the way to rail against conspiracy theorists as the new boogie man. That's my guess, there's already been a government document talking about the dangers of conspiracy theorists, but I think Alex Jones is the beginning of a campaign against people who question the official story and how wrong and dangerous they can be.

  15. Jesus Christ I've never heard it said like that before. Always knew this just couldn't figure out how to word it.

  16. Same. Makes sense - have groups of people push certain posts up (or down). Shut down anything that doesn't go with the narrative.

  17. She's smart - people want the exclusive special & it's a sure way to cut down her stress.

  18. Both sides are the same. They make money by campaigning, why would they try to change anything once they got in office? They use "the other side prevented us from making changes" to steal more money and get back into office. We need massive political and party reform.

  19. This is YOUR child and YOUR postpartum recovery. You are entitled to be as selfish as you want with it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying

  20. Ooo I love this reply. Gonna copy it for my relatives haha

  21. 🎶 making a list, checking it twice...being a RINO ain't so nice...primaries are coming to town 🎶

  22. I know of them through ceremonial magick. They are probably the most annoying elementals. There’s also a book called the Gnome manuscript and Gnome grimoire that Troy book produce. Plenty of details in there!

  23. … When people or things block my path I see it as the universe telling me to slow down… I see it as a blessing in disguise… We really all think so very differently in this world… Wow.

  24. It's funny I think the same way. If there is traffic or delays...I just say to myself "the universe is telling me to slow down".

  25. I m glad I m not the only one who sees this, I ve tried to keep an open mind. Especially with the loud and seemingly angry voices circling around. It does seems the angelic or polish of the elves seems off from the photos tho.

  26. Actually if you look at the studies the numbers are fudged. They counted everyone in hospital who tested positive as a "covid patient" when really most were in for other things - so that bumped up unvaxxed numbers. Some health officials were event caught on a Zoom meeting saying they purposely inflated numbers to scare people.

  27. Considering I have degrees in Psych and Biology - yes I have.

  28. It seems to have a similar feeling to Buffy in that regard. The simpler early high school seasons vs the elevated stakes of the literal end of the world in later seasons

  29. Agree. Rewatched Buffy last year for the first time since it aired. Season 1 & 2 hold such fun memories for (1997/1998 vibes).

  30. Stopped reading this sub for a week. There's obviously bad people in high places doing bad things but this constant pessimism and negativity projected on here daily sneaks up on you and impacts you without your knowledge. You have to step away to see it.

  31. I believe that getting that much money at that young age would arrest your development.

  32. I actually think this is why he hasn’t and will never finish the book. The reception to his official ending (the show) was so negative that he isn’t going to work on it anymore so he can skirt the ridicule and people will continue to blame D&D for GRRMs shitty ending

  33. This isn't a few hours - it's same video...look at their YouTube video. At 8:26 there is a cut and then deep fake Biden pops up.

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