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Get rid of leaf blowers please

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  1. This Lakers bench is what happens when you ask DALL-E AI to create a Laker team. These dudes are generic AF.

  2. She’s the real deal. Another surgerized nepotism baby BUT I think she loves it and is meant to be doing it. I’m here for it.

  3. Sure but non nepotism babies work way harder and do much more

  4. I honestly wanna know if it’s possible. I probably could

  5. Yeah, just gotta wait and see for now. Fingers crossed it’s repairable!

  6. Nah as longs as you aren’t at fault you want it to be a loss. Get paid out well for a bronco and buy a new one

  7. THANK YOU! Every time I spend money to wash my car, a man with a leaf blower comes and covers my car in shit. My apartment complex has someone come three times a week to knock dust around. He literally uses the leaf blower to blow dust from one corner to another covering everyone’s car In Dirt. It’s literally the most annoying shit.

  8. Interesting that each of these looks more like art than 90% of the "photo real" schlock you see come out of it.

  9. That’s the thing that upsets me is I enjoy making these cool abstract portraits but the restrictions are ridiculous

  10. I like your recent posts of those 2 ladies eating ground beef and squid. omg. hahaha

  11. How many times did you ask for cake to get blocked for 16 hours?! And why is cake of all things banned?!

  12. I think just wet women portrait. Play around with those without getting the ban hammer

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