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  1. Bigger screen, easier on the eyes.. Keyboard and mouse is more comfortable than small phones...

  2. How do people one shot you with a shotgun even when you have used kinetic sheild, I remember before the BR health change even if you wore lvl 3 armor and used adrenaline you could still get I shot by a shotgun, it's kinda unfair

  3. You need to make sure most, if not all, the pellets hit the upper body and/or head... For shotties with max pellet spread density, they can aim for head, if not they need to hit the area below the throat.. that way most pellets will hit the upper body hitbox and some will hit the head, damage from all hitting pellets add up and cross max hp.. Shotgun in the game, in and of itself, is pretty fair, dmg wise.. (even Irl they are deadly at close range, they can still kill or at least severely incapacitate through body armor..) .. in game, they become a bit op when combined with the movement system.... very fast paced, lots of sliding etc.

  4. There’s disagreement between Cyg’s and Path’s server and talk of a shadow nerf to Thermite and shadow buff to default

  5. That's the thing... they did it some seasons ago iirc.. Shadow nerfed many aspects of sniping without mentioning in patch notes... Remember they redid all the mods system, they added the ability to use three mods, they added Sniper Expert and all that, they made some big changes there... Slight changes to bullet drop pattern, they nerfed SPR .338 and Thermite to need Gold Long Range for long range headshot (they never needed it before) etc, they buffed M21 headshot damage (if i recall correctly).. SKS does 120 to head iirc currently, but if equipped with Gold Long, it does 174. something like that... they made these changes because they want the new mods to have some purpose... I tested most of the stuff out during the old system multiple times, and when THAT season came, I remember many of my previous findings (damage charts etc) do not work in the new system so I had to redo everything... I may have mentioned this in our last convo or was it in my old bullet drop compensation guide post, i don't remember. You can trust my word or cygnous/path, that's good, they are trustworthy but that doesn't mean my points are compeltely baseless either

  6. They tested it and you’re right. Thermite can’t one shot to the head at infinite range with no mods, but default can.

  7. Apology accepted and no problems at all man, eh we are wrong sometimes, sometimes we are right. I'm glad we can put this issue to rest. Kudos to you, you have a big heart, my friend

  8. That's because of ipc improvements, not due to c/t count. Core/threads would only bottleneck the system if the game is maxing those out. Atm no game maxes 6 cores, even if they split some of the work among all cores

  9. SOme of them can definitely use more than 6 threads, maybe not for the whole game but in certain heavy sections.. Example: AC Odyssey, in Athens (the biggest city in the game), in certain sections, I see 70-80% cpu utilisation on my 3600.. that's the rough equivalent saturating 8, 9 maybe 10 threads.. GoW, I have seen it use 50% of a 9900k in certain sections of the game.. But that doesn't mean it's a strict requirement (thankfully).. most of the time on Odyssey I see around 30-40% on my 3600

  10. Hmm that's interesting 'cause the utilization on my 5600x is never that high even though it has the same c/t count as your 3600

  11. It's either the game not utilizing gpu resource properly or gpu drivers not playing nicely with the game.. I've had this problem for forever.. Try DDU and reinstall your gpu drivers.. sometimes you need to perform DDU twice for some reason... idk something funky going on in the background of things

  12. That'd put the bsa into the negatives. I did run the operator grip for a while but then the ads speed is meh. I personally think that it's a downside that just has to be lived with on this gun unfortunately

  13. Yes, I haven't tried the gun but from what you said, it seems like it.. Some guns, you just cannot make into fast speed, fast ttk... have to sacrifice some

  14. I saw Werebears all the time.. idk if they were from a mod or something

  15. You and me both brother.. I play alot of tpp open world rpg/adventures though... Elder Scrolls, the AC open worlds, Red dead series etc

  16. Idk if this is a whooosh moment for me but he said that because you put mb when it’s actually 3gb there at 1024 mb in a gigabyte so 3 gb is 3072 mb

  17. yup.. people tend to get triggered when I say 3 ghz ram or 3.6 ghz ram instead of 3000 mhz ram or 3600 mhz ram etc

  18. Technically, you can use memory for both... but in common usage, memory is ram, storage is hdd/sdd (Electronics and communications engineer here)

  19. If TG side panels were really weak, fragile and unreliable, they'd have gone out of fashion 7 - 8 years ago.. No one would be using TG glass on windows and tables and home decoration what not, they'd have gone out of use decades ago.. the fact that they are here means they are reliable enough

  20. Upgraded the ram on my first pc from 256MB to 512MB circa 2003

  21. Why is the B string needed in your case? After all the comments, I am also considering getting myself a 5 string in the future 😅

  22. ok lemme rephrase that.. I want the low B string :D .. Playing alot of church stuff (traditional hymns and worship), there are many instances where the low B would be useful.. I don't play alot of other music these days (other than weekend jam with the pals and get togethers) but even then, I have come to a point in my life where I want to incorporate the 5 string in my tool list

  23. 4 String player for 12 years now.. Once I can save up enough money, I'll be buying a 5 string after all these years, need the low B string :D

  24. Hipfire for fights in 0 - 20m, and ADS for 20m and above.. so the red dot helps

  25. I can't afford SSDs as a main (and only) storage units.. I'm still running a 250GB ssd for windows, some software's and my main game.. The rest are in the HDD

  26. Aside from the base skins, you want skins whose colors are flat and washed out green, beige, gray or off-white color.. like Roze Virago, og UT, Park (Korean guy)... Even if the color is green, beige or gray, IF it is vibrant and saturated tone, it'll stand out.

  27. Would black skins also work? I always use black or dark blue skins bcuz i think they're pretty low profile, but idk if they work. Thinking on just using the default grey ones bcuz they blend better with the enviroment or idk.

  28. In MP? Maybe.. depends on the map alot.. But in BR, they don't.. they are as visible as fancy colorful skins. As I've said, in cod mobile, due to the rendering system, washed-out, flat/bland, green-beige color skins are the best... Especially in BR, stark color tones stand out too much (this include fancy colorful skins to stark black stark blue etc..)

  29. I remember having some sort of trouble involving not having a jumper when I needed it or the one on the hdd was broke or something.. I don't remember what it was.. but I swore to never run out of jumpers again and started stockpiling them whenever I come across some spare ones. I had a small jar full of jumpers at one point lol.. I was 12 at the time (P4, 256MB ram, Ati gpus.. 40GB hdd days..), my uncle still won't stop talking about it

  30. poorly ventilated smokers house.. I smoke, near my pc too.. for years, I never get these gunk..

  31. God I'm old, I had a load of cards I can't remember, my first 3d card was a voodoo 2, with a massive 8 or 12 mb of ram

  32. hey fellow 9600gt owner, using mine as display output for my test bench haha

  33. I give away all my old cards to my nephews and such.. Got the 9600GT back because I gave the same nephew my old GTX960.. I just keep it in the bookshelf these days.. the cooler broke but the card is still technically working

  34. Next time, if you plan on taking out cpu, Run a cpu benchmark or something before to heat up the paste. Then, when taking out the cooler, unlatch it and then do a few small degree clockwise and counter-clockwise twist to loosen the paste.

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