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  1. They put out all kinds of shit and try to cause division. Nobody would even blink if it wasn’t made into an issue. The goal of the “ elite” is division.

  2. 5 months into my quit and my orgasms still aren’t quite what they were.. I hope this rectifies. I’m just now starting to want to do things again.. but I was on krates for 7 years..

  3. Oh so then you must have a stick up there then. That’s unfortunate.

  4. I used to hate weed because of the extreme anxiety. DMT is not even close to the same as weed. I’ve never had a problem with it even my bad trips were never really very bad at all.

  5. Starbucks tastes like crap anyway. Just go somewhere else.

  6. There’s a reason there’s signs up in the critical care units saying if recently vaxed stay away for 6 weeks or whatever.. they shed.

  7. I feel your pain. But you’ve gotta remember we live in the internet days. Join some groups of like minded people.

  8. Psyllium husk! I feel like a broken record telling everyone but it really works.

  9. I don’t know.. mushrooms can be very heavy. Dmt always makes me feel way better.

  10. Oh yes that’s very normal. You’ll feel a lot better after a week and even better after two weeks. Eat really clean it is super important.

  11. I’ve been eating lots of fruits, smoothies, potatoes, veggies. Lots of lemon water

  12. That sounds perfect! Keep it up. I’m going on month 5 and just now starting to feel motivated to do anything. It takes time. I used for about 6 or 7 years

  13. just out of curiosity, what religion prohibits vaccinations?

  14. Any religion that’s against abortion. Most vaccines contain fetal cells.

  15. Why has no one else died immediately after taking the shot, it doesn't make sense, t would take more time to have these effects. For some reason they wanted us all to think the vax killed her, I don't buy it....this incident was intentionally faked.

  16. Lots of people have.. it’s just not on the news

  17. Alkaline food is what helps. Acidic food makes you slow and achy.

  18. Feel guilty?! For what?! Weed is the only thing getting me through. Especially when my back starts hurting. I prefer RSO to smoking though.

  19. Isn’t NPR is supposed to be more neutral?

  20. Get some psyllium capsules. That will get things moving. Make sure to drink lots of water with each dose.

  21. I had horrible stomach problems. When I got off kratom it was hellish burning and my entire upper body hurt. I did a 8 day fruit cleanse I only ate fruit the whole time and all the inflammation went away. I felt great. I added in veggies and fish and progressively got better. Also psyllium husk capsules helped with the constipation when nothing else would. I’m almost 5 months into my quit and I feel almost normal just waiting on the dopamine to come back into my life.. good luck.

  22. Personally I wouldn’t sleep with anyone vaxed. Not after seeing that creepy crawly thing under a microscope. Nope might as well be an std.

  23. It feels like I hit a plateau with weed. Like, once I’ve had 5 big hits, I could have 20 more and feel the same as I did from just 5 hits. Fully coherent, but just sleepy.

  24. Yes I do. I also know they have signs up in critical care units saying that if you’ve recently been vaccinated to not enter because vaccines shed.

  25. I used kratom twice a day for 7 years and yes it does cause problems eventually. Towards the end it had messed up my monthly cycle and my face started looking weird my skin got all grayish and my eyes were dropping and red when usually they’re very clear and bright. My hair also got quite a bit thinner. Dehydration and constipation are also huge issues. Over time it stops bringing the energy and euphoria and you are just blank. As soon as I quit my face started looking normal again. I’m 4 months into my quit and just now starting to feel like my old self. Kratom is great for emergencies or once in awhile but daily use for long periods is not healthy. It’s also hard on your liver and kidneys.

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