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  1. Same, I wasn't even gonna bother posting it but burger king is still being quiet about exactly what happened which has intrigued me

  2. First Amendment right to free speech and peaceably assemble.

  3. There's plenty of videos of them threatening people. And they threaten people all over Twitter too. Threats are not free speech, but they are let off easy cause the police are full of Nazis too

  4. I don't get policing other people's language in this way. This is not like saying "Chinese fire drill" or "Irish twins" this is something that indigenous people also say, so why correct it? Fry bread is a staple food of multiple tribes. Also, they started making those tacos because the U.S. government oppressed them and they had few supplies. Talk about tone-deaf.

  5. Yeah I prefer native so I don't have to deal with idiots and their "dot or feather?" comment. But the term Indian is used by several tribes

  6. I was worried before this. The right has been increasingly more violent for years regardless of Trump getting raided.

  7. I mean, pretzel Pringles and goldfish are amazing so I don't see any crime here

  8. Did they get rid of pizza goldfish? I can't find them anymore ☹️

  9. Nothing wrong with pizza flavored chips. I gotta find me some of these.

  10. Sysadmins should know how to correlate the timing of events to determine root causes. The outage was 8 hours after this incident.

  11. OP allegedly is responsible for 70VMs. He doesn’t have a datacenter, he has an inconsequential set of high-pri VMs, maybe.

  12. Not to mention, the outage was 8 hours later after this explosion happened...

  13. Thanks! I wasn't really sure what the "right" length was, some searching indicated time, some indicated root length. I've seen that shock from water to soil can occur so I'm definitely considering that too!

  14. Hi I was just wondering how you handled transitioning this to soil? I am interested in propagating mine but I'm scared lol

  15. We've had several near me do renovations lately and the playgrounds went away. Just had a new BK open with an indoor play area though! The McD did put patio area in the old play place area, but no tables....weird.

  16. Because they are franchises they are under contract which states they have to renovate every so many years. There are a few "classic" McDonald's that aren't under this contract, but those were pre play place.

  17. July/august is the most common time people dump rabbits. They get them for Easter and then they start displaying puberty behaviors around this time, because of course dumbasses who but rabbits for Easter don't bother getting them fixed. So they leave them to die instead.

  18. I suspect the zoo staff put a lot into training the animals not to attack the staff. That guy is probably undoing a lot of training too.

  19. At most zoos they are fed inside an enclosure and then locked in there while staff cleans the habitat. Why risk getting attacked and having them put down?

  20. Too bad a lot of the docs are garbage and don’t give you a solid answer.

  21. Yup, copy pasting from the docs has a very low chance of working in comparison to stack overflow. I've spent a lot of unnecessary time troubleshooting cause I trusted the documentation

  22. United States, where if you're not normal, there must be something wrong with you, and if you're having a hard time with life, something or other about bootstraps. Learning how much more emotionally advanced other countries are opened my eyes.

  23. I was surprised at how often people have to wait years and pay out of pocket despite being in countries with a better healthcare system.

  24. I agree. I'm in Spain and the only problem of getting my diagnosis was the price, which was around 250€. But I went to get assessed to a psychologist specialized in autistic adult women.

  25. The articles refuse to name them but these cases are in the hasidic community who refuse to vaccinate.

  26. Yeah the area it's spreading in has a 60% vaccination rate for polio

  27. Even with 0 antivaxxers it wouldn't be 100%, some people have medical reasons they can't get it

  28. Bacteria produce gases as byproducts resulting in extra pressure. If you ever see any food product bulging therew a good chance its spoiled

  29. Not just spoiled, you are risking botulism. Botulism paralyzes you, don't fuck with it

  30. Y'all I love Halloween but I do not love candy corn. 🤢

  31. I saw nerds candy corn at the store today and I was intrigued. But I need to wait to eat Halloween candy unless I want to gain back all the weight I just lost lmao

  32. This may be what the interviewer was getting at, it's a stupid way to ask the question though.

  33. Looks like foster kittens since there is also a litterbox on the outside. If you have pets you need to keep them separated from foster animals until they are vaccinated, for the sake of your pets and the foster pets.

  34. Cultural appropriation = Using a race/culture as a Halloween costume, selling cheap native headdresses as a fashion statement with no respect or understanding of the culture, etc

  35. 100% honest, if you ever get the chance, go to a monster truck show. It is WORTH it

  36. I have too much anxiety so I couldn't enjoy it lmao. All I could think about was that I was gonna watch someone crash and die

  37. It definitely looks dead. You can try cutting off all the leaves and see if something new grows, but it looks over watered so the whole thing is probably dead.

  38. It's funny cause when I'm home I like everything to be planned out in advance, but when I go on vacation it's the complete opposite. I hate planning out vacations and prefer to just decide what to do that day when I wake up.

  39. Threads like this are always brigaded by people who have an agenda and don't give a fuck what the article actually says.

  40. Mine is directly next to a humidifier, out of direct sunlight, and I keep it moist. It kept getting spider mites and I threw it in the corner for a while, so it definitely got sunburned on some leaves from that.

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