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If you hold a chick in your hand it wil fall asleep.

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  1. I am forcing myself to be completely oblivious to market conditions and assuming that I will have my job forever to avoid having a panic attack or existential crisis.

  2. Get the note from doctor. Talk to HR and manager/executive that you trust.

  3. I was hired on to travel 4d a week, gently asked near the start to get staffed on local roles as much as possible as I was starting a family. Several years later and I’ve not travelled once for a job, just for training.

  4. Got 4% this year, 1% last year. Interview with new company Thursday for a 20% increase. My advice is anyone on the fence go out and see what the job market has to offer. Workers are in high demand right now best chance of landing a good gig

  5. I shopped around last year, current company offered a retention bonus if I stayed so I stayed. Then got promoted in Jan and now just got a 5% cost of living increase. Has been a good year here! Work at a big tech company.

  6. Man strangles baby chick and says “it is sleeping”.

  7. I think there are too many variables here to answer properly. When did you start saving, will your partner ever work, what do you want your retirement to look like, do you own a house or any other assets, will you get a inheritance, when do you plan to retire etc etc

  8. It's better to try to convince them first if not then you comply

  9. I agree with this answer. One of the key parts of the question is that it first says “while working on an agile project”. Answer D to some level would imply we change the scope while a project is already in motion.

  10. I’ll add here radon or small particulates in the air. Didn’t realize how much damage your lungs can get from tiny particles in the air.

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