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  1. A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind

  2. Because christianity has been the root of these nation's culture for over a thounsand years now

  3. Buddhism?Its not quite the same but similar

  4. Way worse than just looking too beatiful. The real story is... let's say horribly twisted.

  5. Ovid's story is not the "real story" Homer was already reffering to the Gorgon as a hideous sea monster thousands of years before Ovid

  6. That time God sent a bear to fucking murder a bunch of kids for calling a guy bald, its hilarious

  7. I have been using dedicated soldier pawns that live in barracks next to the main entrance and just stay on guard 24/7, when they arent at the range training of course, this way they can just always stay with armor on, the rest just carry pistols for self-defense against animals and such

  8. Transhumanist vampire cult, somehow I always end up with them

  9. I see a lot of posts with people talking about the old ruins mod, are there any downsides?

  10. If you mean the Real Ruins mod, I ended up taking it out of my modlist since it seemed to break cavarans almost completely, I was never able to properly reform and had to do weird workarounds like spawning a raid on devmode and leaving the map with the items on the inventory

  11. These are the moments that make Rimworld such a special game

  12. Stalker is pretty known and loved among the Fallout community, which is where I first heard of it

  13. The lack of afghan war songs is my biggest dissappointment with MGSV

  14. An actual hot take?Anomaly is an objective improvement over the base games' design, its open-ended gameplay and procedual storytelling takes the best aspects of the base games and amplify them tenfold, while leaving the simplistic plot and inexistent characters behind

  15. They are bugs bro, what makes you think they understand what is going on?

  16. I came to Hellenism through Plato, his philosophy resonated with me and I found myself drawn to it, the appeal to me is the lack of rigidity of dogma, the focus on deep personal relationship with the Gods, and the backing of a beautiful ancient tradition that prized itself on rationality and thought, many Gods makes much more sense to me than just one as well

  17. Thats interesting, what are some good videos you can recommend about this? Just curious.

  18. About Plato, or Hellenism in general?I studied Plato through the dialogues so not much I can give you, but Aliakai on youtube makes good content on general aspects of Hellenism, but they arent a Platonist

  19. Eh, I still love my stubby and it's electric build and your video won't stop me from using it

  20. Thats not the point of the video but you do you

  21. I was thinking more like rather than getting ammo from a resup, having the option to change your loadout instead, not necessarily spending the nitra on a loadout change, that way everyone else can just get ammo if they wish

  22. Do people really say this?Homer never said that the Gods are, quite literally, chilling on top of the mountain, people back then made pilgrimages to Olympus so they knew

  23. Tsurumi's men follow him and believe in him because Tsurumi's cause of honouring the fallen soldiers in Manchuria still resonate with them despite the slimy, underhanded methods Tsurumi is willing to pursue to get it

  24. Lots of russian kremlin bots in this thread defending their government sponsored hackers. Just proves the point of the GSC really.

  25. Putin himself leaking files of some cult slavjank sequel to piss off reddit

  26. Went to make a drink and annoy my sister completely forgetting I had 2 mech clusters on a timing, and left the game unpaused, got back to a burning ruin

  27. Ideology and Biotech are a must-have for me, Royalty isnt bad, but doesnt shake up the game as the other 2 do

  28. I hope not tbh, TPP's gameplay is great, but the empty open world does very little for it

  29. > Gods are greater humans, the best versions of ourselves

  30. Very interesting view. I thought pagans had a more literal view of Gods and their generations, but it seems that is not necessarily the case.

  31. Before someone comes screaming I do have to clarify that I can only speak from my own tradition

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