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  1. If you got him with his little frog tongue out that coulda been super meta. Lol. Great shot though!

  2. The trains got put underground for safety/noise/congestion. There is a massive subway station under Times Square and local and express lines running under Broadway.

  3. Hate to be that guy buuuut... the trains weren't "put underground". The IRT subway line actually already existed by that 1908 photo and there were three subway companies in fact that were all privately run until the 60s until they were bought by the city. The trollies were totally separate and ran into the 50s but were ultimately killed off specifically by car lobbyists. A huge loss honestly as it makes interborough and intraborough transit way more difficult.

  4. I also hate to be that guy buuuut's not exactly fair to say that car lobbyists killed off Trolleys, or that NYC lost that transportation value. The first reason they declined was just that they couldn't compete against subways and automobiles. The private companies that operated them were not making money and why take a trolley when the subway is faster and doesn't get stuck in traffic? And if you had the money, you wanted a car. They were seen as modern and a status symbol; the trolleys were old fashioned and outdated. Which leads into the second reason they failed...

  5. Ha true true. Appreciate the additional insight. Although they def played a huge part IMO! I just wish BK to Queens was easier. I do think they would’ve lasted longer without the car lobbyist. There are still other cities with Trolly/Tram systems around but so it goes.

  6. Even though? I think it’s needs to be a big budget production to shoot a whole tv series on film

  7. They’re saying most big productions in tv/film these days are shot digitally for the obvious convenience factor. But they wanted a certain look that film provided so they went against the grain and did that.

  8. Polaroid as a company was dead until they hijacked impossible film and slapped their name on it.

  9. Again you have it wrong. Oskar at TIP bought the IP for Polaroid so that he could use the name Polaroid for their products. NOT the other way around. Technically speaking The Impossible Project and “Polaroid” are separate companies although I think within the last year they are starting to change that.

  10. Peel apart film isn’t “just a Polaroid product” …Fuji’s late film was incredible compared to every Polaroid peel apart film I tried over the years.

  11. You’re gonna have to expand on that. Polaroid literally invented the format. So yes it was. Before peel apart was roll film which was a precursor to what we currently know as peelapart. Both Polaroid products. Fujifilm didn’t start making FP until waaaay later.

  12. Thanks, that’s really helpful. I found one on Craigslist last night for 300 but the exterior has a lot of damage… I assume that most likely translates at least a bit to interior damage. I’ll just keep saving up tip money for one I can trust.

  13. If it's just the leatherette that's common and not a big deal. You can replace it in a couple hours of tedious work.

  14. Ah I'm very familiar with Option8. His work is ridiculously genius. Enjoy that beast, she looks beautiful! I also highly recommend checking out Aaron of Lofi & DIY! He makes integral backs and his own instax wide backs for large format cameras.

  15. Oh I’m familiar with Aaron! I’ve got friends with all of his mods haha. The new goose mod, the RB67 600 back, even the 120 goose back. I’ve got a RB67 Instant Lab back from Alin Tolea so I use that but Aaron does good work.

  16. Is the Lomo graflock removable? I’ve wanted one of these mods for a while but the cost of that part is so annoying if I can’t use it on any other system.

  17. No it’s grafted on. So it’s JUST a 110/LG. I have another LG for my Speed Graphic. It’s due to the calibration for the 110.

  18. Great advice! The pretty substantial under-exposure latitude on color negative has been a HUGE surprise for me -- I feel like the light meters in these older cameras just aren't as sensitive as one would expect these days.

  19. Ya I mean I use a small LED light panel to shoot handheld during the reception but I'm always surprised by how much of the background that isn't getting hit by the light still shows up in a dimly lit room.

  20. Right on - i haven't used an LED panel yet, kinda worried it might be distracting.

  21. I am only using it for the few seconds at a time I’m shooting. I don’t leave it on the whole time.

  22. Who serviced it? Definitely send it back. They goofed. Unless you have Vaseline on your lens haha

  23. Eh we have it way better in NYC due to the non-year round lovely weather. Encampments in NYC are almost non-existent.

  24. Sent it all here and Nicki will take care of you. Great scans at at a way less rate than other labs.

  25. My main shooter these days is a 1940s Graflex Super D large format SLR with a Buhl projector lens on it (and either 4x5 film or peel apart film like FP100C or 669. The lens is equivalent to about a 55mm f0.7 lens on 35mm.

  26. How often does expired film work? Am I more likely to get no image than not? Because if interesting things happen 50% of the time and expired film is 20% of full price it would be worth it to me.

  27. You know, sometimes I forget that film can take a shitload of overexposure before there are any problems. That being said, some cameras (some canons, and more expensive ones) can correctly expose 500t in daylight via a shutter angle adjuster.

  28. Ya I’ve shot 500T at the beach with a camera that exposed it at 160 and it was totally fine. It really can handle a lot.

  29. Some of the best T79 colors I’ve seen!!! Incredible. What date was the box and when did you shoot it?

  30. Basically JUST Pro8mm and it is $$$. Actually I don’t think they even offer it anymore for that camera sadly. It’s not just filing down the gate. They re-centered the lens.

  31. Right. I actually just was there and talking with Rhonda the other day about it. Truly a shame. Seems like just the Beaulieu and the “alleged” new Kodak camera will have it.

  32. on the incredibly off chance you care, FYI reddit's custom markup language won't show [name](link)as just the name unless you include the protocol (https) in the link part.

  33. ehhh I probably would not buy a Nizo untested at that price. They are higher end but also means higher maintenance and not many out there can repair them. The light meters requires specialized batteries. But they are very high quality if working.

  34. I’ve done literally zero googling on the matter but I’d imagine that TJ’s in 2006 was small beans compared to TJ’s of 2022. So perhaps they wanted the space and didn’t have the leverage at that time that they do now.

  35. MAYBE they will do near their DTBK TJ’s. Accessible from most of BK by like… almost every line but the L and easily accessible to Manhattan as well.

  36. I wouldn't be surprised if you've just single handedly made the price of Spectra cameras go up!

  37. Oh great to know! And crazy enough mine came with a UV filter! Super excited to go use it. And glad to hear your slow speeds never worked lol

  38. Don't watch Ozark then. Well, there's Ruth.

  39. lol this is why I struggle with Ozark. So well made. Intricate. Great acting. But holy shit everyone is absolutely scum. I tell people that it’s like a dark version of Breaking Bad… and that’s already a very dark show.

  40. Wow, that’s beautiful. How does it mount?

  41. Any chance you have a link? I’m seeing a couple options from ‘aaron7399’ but no lo-fi guy!

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