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  1. Not when I am alone. I like to enjoy time with myself. When I step out, I keep phone aside and like to talk to other people.

  2. We are the same kind, I forget that I have phone actually. Then just keep on talking about anything from absolute mundane to very scandalous.

  3. All Women staying at home and not going in baraat , where the wedding is gonna happen. SO, THE BRIDE IS THE ONLY WOMAN NOW , WHO COMES BACK IN BARAAT.

  4. Girls are expected to change their surnames after marriage. There's no law requiring this. Yet many people just assume the change of surname and apply without even asking.

  5. If they cant converse, they dont earn my thing. Simple. I dont treat people like shit so i need some good talking too.

  6. Its also an age thing. Im not in my twenties and men right swipe blank profiles anyway. 😅

  7. Busy doing what I love and not dwelling into useless thoughts.

  8. bruh I'm listening to a friend rn just about to break up with her bf because she doesn't want him to see her stressed out because of moving house.

  9. Roz ka hi hogya h ab toh, superficial content sucks the innocence out of kids.

  10. Baazuen Kholi aur ye chauka batoraa

  11. If you’re into nude ART and not photography, I would love to sketch it out. Please dm

  12. Over abundance of talented options and bcci doing mommy behaviour with certain players.

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