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  1. You can play football or play basketball or play baseball or play lacrosse.

  2. Lol…wait until you read his Revised Boy Scouts Manual…

  3. SS: Another example of Collapse slowly leaking into the mainstream. Looking at inflation of energy prices and the shortage of the chemicals needed for fertilizer, potentially devastating food shortages are on the horizon.

  4. 4chan: The Skeleton Key To The Rise Of Trump: Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke -- that’s why they support him.

  5. True, true - the second side picks up a bit. I always liked Something’ Burning Baby, though I guess it’s not surprising that people collapse with relief upon hearing Dark Eyes all stripped down!

  6. Dark Eyes is my favourite but what a hill to climb to get there!!

  7. That’s the weird part - how much of a hill it even sounds to him on the album! His voice always sounded at one with itself, in the moment, every time before - angry, mocking, poetic, bewitched, whatever - on record. Supreme control. On Infidels, he sounded in great voice. But on Empire, he just sounds like he’s trying to sing his take while riding a bike up a steep hill, coked to the tits for the boost to make it and pleading with his eyes to the producer from the recording booth to be allowed to stop.

  8. Lol...good description. The three songs you mentioned earlier definitely fit that category. Happy cake day!

  9. Good. How about creating brand new characters in this universe that have nothing to do with any of the existing characters? For a fictional universe that spans across an entire galaxy, surely there are stories to be told that don’t involve a Skywalker?

  10. Indeed. Of the many mistakes that have been made, this is the biggest fault with the prequels and sequels, the shrinking of the Star Wars Universe. Yoda knows Chewbacca! Darth Vader made C-3PO! Rey is the Emperor's granddaughter! Instead, in the original Star Wars, you would get a shot of Hammerhead for two seconds, and that was it. Then you wondered, who was he? What did he do? Where was he from? That mystery expands the universe and makes it more interesting. Answering those questions makes it fucking boring.

  11. That quickly became incomprehensible.

  12. Yeah, my brain just turned off the "try to understand" part of itself.

  13. It's better for him if they don't win elections. They can play the victim/underdog card in attack ads and spend all their time grifting I mean fundraising.

  14. She wears those earrings in every episode

  15. As a non-white Canadian who wasn't born here, I can't wait to get a t-shirt that reads:

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