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  1. Are you seriously recommending a naked bike for someone who is saying they want to commute on it?

  2. Depends on the commute and rider honestly. I’ve seen people commute on way worse than an MT03. And there are much worse bikes to learn on. I would say a bike that you can learn on is more important than comfort of commute when brandy new to riding.

  3. Live near Seattle, ride 365 (barring ice/snow). Started on a 97 Honda Magna 750. Moved up to an Aprilia Caponord. Now I’m on a Ducati Multistrada. The specific bike doesn’t matter as much as your tires and gear. Get Michelin Road 5/6’s as budget allows, heated grips, a nice set of rain riding gear and have fun. For starter bikes depending on your maturity and commute I’d recommend everything in the vstrom 650, versys 650, nc700, cb500x, mt07, sv650 categories. If you’re not sure about the bigger bikes, there are smaller versys and vstroms, mt03, cb300f, and more. Not a fan of KTM’s but the 390’s exist too.

  4. I carry for personal protection and the protection of my family. If you are outside of my circle of family and I'm not in immediate danger I will do my best to extricate myself from the situation. A firearm is the last line of defense, much like owning a fire extinguisher, or wearing your seatbelt. As far as mental illness is concerned, has the person taken steps to mitigate the issue? Maybe make it a case by case basis. Statistically the person most at risk is the person with mental health issues.

  5. Just BM2 is the standard. BM1 for first class, BMC for chief. BM is rate/mos 3/2/1/C/CS/CM is rank.

  6. No problem! Each of the rates also have their own designators such as Machinist Mate MK, Gunners Mate GM, etc etc.

  7. Someone mentioned it already but take a good hard look at the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT. Sporty Yamaha triple out of the MT09, luggage and plenty of extras standard (abs, quick shifter, riding modes, heated grips, cruise control, center stand)

  8. Between the F70 and Airflite the HJC is going to be the far superior helmet. You get a fiberglass shell instead of plastic, better speaker pockets, and an available (sold separately) Pinlock lens to avoid fogging. While we're on the subject, every helmet will fog badly when it's a little chilly unless it has a Pinlock lens so don't get anything that isn't compatible!

  9. I will say that the pinlock that comes in the RPHA 70 box is not a legit pinlock and you are much better off spending the 30 bucks to get a legit name brand pinlock. The one in the box had a hard seal around the edges and wouldn't actually seal completely, and would therefore fog up pretty bad. The name brand one has a soft seal and works perfectly.

  10. Michelin Road 5 tires are awesome. If you’re bigger than the typical 145 lb Italian you’ll want stiffer front springs. The top box makes the bike supremely useful.

  11. I live by Road 5's. That's what I run on the Caponord. The Pirellis look like they've got quite a lot of life in them so I'm going to try them out for a few months and if I don't like them Road 5's or maybe even the new 6's will be the next step. I'm almost double the typical 145 lb Italian so I'll take a look at how much a spring swap'll run me. I, at a minimum run smaller top box (pelican case) and no panniers but I like having a lot of options so I'm super excited.

  12. "Active Terrorist" I think you mean Freedom Fighter there bub.

  13. The Interior would like to know your location.

  14. I run Road 5's on my Caponord and I beat the everloving piss out of them with zero issue. No slippage, nothing. Doesn't matter if it's the middle of summer or the middle of winter, no issues.

  15. My bike makes 200whp and 92tq tuned full exhaust ect I just can’t ride it the way I want with these tires if this bike was my commuter they would be perfect

  16. Well then don't complain about a touring tire when it doesn't work for your super performance bike. They're fantastic tires in doing what they were designed for.

  17. There is a lot to unpack here… the mish mash of colors, the olight, whatever that rear sight is, this is quite the CF. I mean I know p80’s are so you can build them how you want but this is just gross.

  18. Tracer 900 GT, BMW GS, Triumph Tiger 800/1200, Multistrada (V2, 950, V4), used Aprilia Caponord (highly underrated bike), the list is nigh endless.

  19. You're asking for a lot on not a big budget. My recommendation? Save up and get something in the 10k range.

  20. I cant confirm or deny any companies who hire us to do work for them. But why do you say psa like that would be a bad thing

  21. Would FN really make barrels for psa if they were trash? Why would a company with such a high reputation ruin it to make parts for a "trash company"

  22. Well then that would make them... FN barrels, sold by PSA, not PSA barrels. They've got shitty QC and make subpar firearms. I wouldn't trust that shit with my life, ever.

  23. You are factually wrong on what you believe to be the intent on the 2nd Amendment. People like you are why gun rights are being stripped across the United States. "Oh it's just a little here and there." Death by a thousand cuts. No. Just fucking no. Law abiding gun owners aren't the problem. Stop punishing them for crimes that they haven't and won't commit. If you want to keep your current mindset get the hell out of this state and go somewhere like California where the damage is already done.

  24. If there is going to be any dirt, africa twin. What is everybody else riding? If they're all on ADV bikes, I would stick with an ADV bike. If they're all on africa twins and super teneres and the like, you showing up with the s1000xr will be a little out of place performance wise (100hp vs 165hp). Regardless you'll be hard pressed (nigh impossible) to find a S1000XR in the 10k range. If you're stuck on BMW you could look at the F850GS. If dirt isn't an option then the F900XR, Tracer 9(00), Multistrada 950, and many more are valid touring options.

  25. I think there will be some dirt, quite minimal tho. We're still in the planning phase of the route and where we wanna go. My friends are on an Africa Twin DCT and a Yamaha Tenere 700. I found a few S1000xr's on marketplace and cycletrader for 10k with 9-14k miles on the clock. I'd like an F850GS but can't seem to find one withing budget. Also it needs to be comfy for two up riding, sorry forgot to mention that.

  26. Ahh, not sure how most ADV bikes are comfort wise for 2 up. I’m biased on the Aprilia but can confirm that they’re great 2 up and will do well maintained dirt/fire service roads alright as long as you take it easy. Happy hunting and be sure to let us know what you pick and how your trip goes!

  27. The Coast Guard uses some of the same rates as the Navy. MT is taken for Missile Technician in the Navy.

  28. Sure. But Navy "MK's" are actually "MM's".

  29. Army Scout Sniper who did 3 tours in Iraq. Now an IT Warrant.


  31. Kitty Hawk was there for almost 50 years, waiting for the non-nuclear treaty to expire with Japan. The Washington (CVN) took her place and she was decom'd I think just a few years ago.

  32. Kittyhawk was decommissioned in 2009 and is currently parked outside of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard awaiting scrapping. She was in dry dock this year for a few months for hull scraping and represervation.

  33. I see that and just have to say this... BRING BACK THE CAPONORD!!!

  34. Highly dependent on the state and perhaps even the individual that you are dealing with. I was always taught that to constitute as open carry it must be visible from 3+ sides. Generally if you have to think if it's open or not, it probably isn't.

  35. Thanks. The definition of open carry has changed so much from the early days of the nation. Concealed carry had meant intentionally concealing a gun, like having it up your sleeve. If it was in your hip, but you had a jacket on, because it was cold out, it wasn’t considered concealed because it wasn’t your intent to cover it.

  36. I feel that. There's so much legalese these days that the founding fathers would have a heart attack.

  37. I would add the Yamaha Tracer 9(00) GT to the list. Bags standard, a lot of comfort features, and well within your budget.

  38. Well if you're looking for something peppy with character the Yamaha triple definitely has that. I was looking very hard at the Tracer GT before my current bike came available. I was pretty much sold on it until my dad agreed to sell me his bike. They make aftermarket wind screens and seats that can fix the two issues that you've mentioned. And just bang for buck it seems like the Tracer would be your best option.

  39. Tell us who so we can avoid them like the plague.

  40. Cold War Crisis was the shit! A super in depth mod for Zero Hour that did all sorts of awesome stuff.

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