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  1. How many times does carlo or madrid need to confirm that he's staying? alls that's left is a comunicado oficial

  2. What’s happened to Bruno’s deadball ability, I swear at one point he was best in the world

  3. As a fan i must say from a distance that his stats remind me of Thomas Müller. Underrated player

  4. i hope its only "from a distance" because Bruno isn't close to Thomas Muller or his ability OFF the ball

  5. soo? he still didnt play to the level odegaard did lol

  6. They are what is wrong with the sport, loved them once upon a time, just look at how evenly the profits are distributed in la liga fucking shame

  7. lmaoooo madrid is what's wrong with the sport, a team which has won accolades after accolades and has earned that money, unlike psg or man city backed by a state, injected with blood money, having messi neymar mbappe in worlds highest wages and transfers at the same time, but hey, madrid is what's wrong with the sport.

  8. Ya, I got stuck with several. However, for what Snickers paid, I could have registered a few thousand more names and still come out ahead.

  9. Pretty much all 90s for face stats with gladiator too

  10. Score 7 goals using players from Serie A

  11. Will be at about 80/90 games once I've gotten the 8 wins for this week... Definitely going to go AFK for some more packs during ultimate.

  12. can’t go a single reddit thread without a lame comment like this

  13. I mean I've literally seen American Police release body cam footage of armed suspects being shot to pieces in full uncensored bloody detail but they've still remembered to beep out all the f-bombs...

  14. longest legs ever. Isn't as good as Ramos for manual defending but, once he gets his stride he's chasing like a dog

  15. The guy said "he does it even if he wins" and added that it would be soft if he did it only when he lost. You repeated the first part.

  16. Really? Can you link the article, seems like an interesting read

  17. “We had established a first criterion which was: ‘who needs a No. 9?’ Manchester City had 10/10 at this level, it was the perfect option,” he said. “For Real, we gave him more of a 5 or a 6 out of 10 because there is the way Karim Benzema currently plays." Alf-Inge Haaland says in 'Haaland - The Choice' documentary

  18. Very brave and hard to sneak up and poke someone from behind as a distraction.

  19. I still love Mou, he really put some dents in a historic b***a side

  20. way too cheap, so obviously we are all getting discard ligue 1 tots

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