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  1. This is the way to turbo charge your savings, and help your parents.

  2. That's idiotic. The military has used mandatory vaccinations as a way to ensure its troops are in top form and not a contagious risk to each other forever. Pure political insanity on the GOP's part.

  3. Yep, holding companies are legal black-boxes that can own pretty much anything. They're one mechanism that the ultra-wealthy use to guarantee a separation between themselves and their assets to limit legal liability while maintaining control of said assets.

  4. If by ultra wealthy you mean middle class. They cost like $5k to set up, and it's well worth it.

  5. I know there is a unique ID. But aren’t the unique IDs associated with socials?

  6. It's many, many times cheaper to use renewables. Which is why they are converting. A cleaner environment is nice, but they're doing it to save money.

  7. i hope youre right! i was thinking of the cost to install millions of solar panels and thousands of wind-turbines likely isnt cheap and under normal circumstances would be passed along to the consumer

  8. Generally the solar or wind to replace a coal plant costs as much as it costs to run the coal plant for one year. Thereafter, the power is essentially free for the next 25 years because they're low maintenance and require no fuel.

  9. I know it’s been mentioned before but… damn wouldn’t it be nice to have a comment section on Zillow listings. I’d not only appreciate feedback from other showings, but it’d be good to flag similar gripes for others. Too bad Zillow is in bed with the National Association of Realtors and their entire profession is predicated on obfuscation.

  10. Fewer people in larger homes? Oh, the horror. What do we call that? Improving quality of life sounds too innocuous. How about Comfort Cascade?

  11. I figured out that my daughter was watching youtube in 4k and 1080p on her phone -- total waste of bandwidth. If you configure services for 1080p, 720p, and 480p on tablets you will dramatically reduce your bandwidth.

  12. What's bumping our streaming load up is that we don't have TV. If you have people watching cable they're not streaming.

  13. We are using 2 TB, mostly streaming. But I'm not concerned. When the bandwidth drops it doesn't seem to break anything.

  14. The couldn't do it the next week? Sometime that year?

  15. I don't think I am comfortable with compelled art.

  16. It's tough - but I would worry more about the precedent that a business could not serve food to a gay person, or extend it to a hardcore Islamic fundamentalist refusing to serve a Buddhist food. Or rent them an apartment.

  17. Maybe when we get to the point of questioning whether reversal of oppression can stop at compelling artists to summon their muse in its service, the war is over?

  18. No consequences. Federal judges serve for life.

  19. This is an actual question I don't have the answer to so am asking: are judges obliged to only listen to the logic lawyers provide, or can they go "Hey, wait a minute, doesn't this fall under X exception?" themselves?

  20. Lawyers argue, judges judge. Judges don't generally invent arguments for either side.

  21. I'm amused by the headlines about the FTX guy potentially getting "years in prison" meanwhile he is meandering around and giving nationally televised interviews. Yeah, sure, prison. He's not going to prison. If anything's going to happen to him, it's that he'll "commit suicide" in some kind of implausible Rube Goldberg fashion.

  22. There was this crypto mogul that ran away with gazillions to some dinky village in India, I think. Tragic accident, two doctors who probably earn $10K/year between them declared his identity confirmed, him definitely dead, and cremated the remains. I think they also dumped the ashes in the river. The money forever lost.

  23. No. An asset just sits there, if it isn't decomposing. It's the dollars you pay for it that grow or shrink. A house is worth one house. A bar of gold is worth one bar of gold.

  24. What? Why would governments go back to low rates? There’s literally no evidence for that

  25. Governments borrow money. If we don't want the national debt to escape to infinity, causing devaluation of the dollar, rates have to come down eventually.

  26. Don't let yourself be pushed into a deal you're not comfortable with. If you have a good cushion after closing and don't buy too much of a payment you will be fine.

  27. I’ve been waiting 10 years. I was told 7 months ago that “in a year or two prices will be way down and you can buy.”

  28. "The US residential real estate market is much much worse than most people realize right now. There are no buyers. None. The market is dead and appears to be getting worse. The bear case is not priced in."

  29. It's horrific if you make your living on the churn. That's a specific significant segment of the economy in collapse, and it's dire. If you sell houses on commission, there won't be any. But it's not everyone, and that the market has doldrums now and then is part of why it's commission sales in the first place. Brokers can't keep agents on staff who aren't generating revenue. Make hay while the sun shines and store some up for winter.

  30. Muddies the water. Why Russia invaded their neighbors using torturing raping terrorists is irrelevant. There can be no righteous purpose. So it's moot.

  31. How much insulin could one plane buy? We have people DYING for the price of insulin. I'd give up a plane if it would help, and no, I am not diabetic. Maybe we could truly fund our public school systems?

  32. If we let China and Russia push us around those people won't need insulin.

  33. You realize that Biden and Democrats have the Pentagon more funding than they asked for. Let that sink in.

  34. Obama and the Democrats solved this problem years ago. But Obama is Black and the GOP stamped his name on it so to spite themselves if you live in the South, your local government won't let you have the solution.

  35. This is just Mueller all over again. They go through two years of investigation, grill everyone involved, get us all excited about progress. And at the end throw up their hands and say "crimes were done! But we were never going to do anything about it anyway. Not from the first day!"

  36. The fastest way to lose a friend is to lend them money. The second fastest is to do business with them.

  37. I know, right? Every user is entitled to report violations of the terms of service.

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