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AITA for not letting my son go to Korean barbecue with family because of the way he treats his younger brother?

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Your husband can sleep until 10am? Does he have a weird work schedule? Gaming addiction? I cannot even remember the last time I slept past 7am.

  2. I'd start by Googling "food pantries near me" and take advantage of these services.

  3. I would add on some bags of frozen veggies also if you can. Bags of peas/corn/green beans can be under a buck/bag for store brand and can feed you for 4-5 meals each.

  4. As a person that also has an asshat for a brother, I agree.

  5. I find shaping dough is actually much easier after being chilled. You def have to give it some time to come alive again after refrigeration, but it will work 100%

  6. I appreciate the reply - but when you say “thaw them out” as the first step. Exactly how are you doing this? I need to know the method

  7. Put the whole, sealed, bag in the fridge. They will be fine. 😀

  8. I’m thinking 55 gallon drum, filled with virgin peanut oil, all set up over an appropriately sized gas fire pit.

  9. Could you imagine the cost of the oil that would be required? 3 gallons at my local market is about 50 bucks...probably cost close to a grand to have enough!

  10. Info: you keep your regular car key in a random drawer in your sons room?

  11. An enameled, cast iron Dutch oven. Lodge makes a great one!

  12. Lots of vegetables so one could make a salad if they didn’t want the tortilla. Rice & beans Assorted salsas and hot sauce

  13. With churros or sopapillas for dessert!

  14. My stepmother and father will care about this minuity. I will try a nylon brush and pure acetone.

  15. I would skip the acetone. Not just because it is incredibly flammable and going in a hot box, but because it will likely take the finish off, leaving you will bare metal in there that could then rust.

  16. You can thaw the turkey in cold water in the sink.

  17. Just wanted to add if your sink isn't big enough, or not available due to other cooking activities, a cheap 5 gallon bucket works too!

  18. When my littlest was about 2 1/2, he pulled the (artificial) tree over, twice, at the beginning of one season. Then I took it down, got a huge peice of paper and colored a tree. Taped that to the wall instead that year and the next.

  19. Can't there be a healthy relationship with alcohol like only drinking on weekends or so?

  20. Sure! When there is beer or whisky in the house, my husband might have 1-2 drinks a week. Even when he goes out with his friends a few times a year, specifically to hang out and drink with a DD, he taps out at around 4-5 drinks. He outweighs me by about 100 lbs.

  21. I did this for a little while with my first, I was a SAHM for awhile and just really needed to do "something" to keep my sanity! It was always nervewracking to leave him. But, my LO had alot of fun, esp since he didn't go to daycare.

  22. I think at middle school. The main reason my 13yo hates having to take a coat means he HAS to go by his locker. They aren't allowed to have a coat in classes, and it will not fit in his bag (laptop style trapper keeper thing).

  23. I just want to share that depending on your oven, if it is the type where the bottom heating element is exposed, and assuming that not getting hot is the problem, it it surprisingly easy to fix if you can obtain the part. I am pretty sure when I did this is was also days before Thanksgiving.

  24. I was going to suggest meringue cookies. They are so easy and likely have all ingredients anyway.

  25. I am a firm believer that kids figure shit out way, way faster than we give them credit for most of the time, and at every age.

  26. I did this, and unless they have someone to play with in it its a waste of money. They will enjoy it for 1 day and than all that space/money is a waste. But God forbid you get rid of it later after not being played in for 6 months!

  27. A Cold sore. Herpes Simplex. Get some antiviral cream asap. In Australia its called Zovirex. You can buy it over the counter.

  28. I don't trust those either, and my half-assed sewing is safer! Good work!

  29. Nta. This made me laugh. I WFH also, but my desk is the kitchen table because my kids are wild and my partner works too.

  30. You're in the wrong sub. Please visit

  31. Things that are cold usually help with my kiddos, but since ice pops are out maybe try something frozen that is non-acidic, like ice cream or frozen yogurt (plain vanilla). The creaminess/cold should help soothe the sores. Check ingredients for any allergens/new foods for your toddler just in case. The more plain it is the better.

  32. Do a Cornish hen in lieu of turkey. Weather/equipment permitting, spatchcock that bird and grill it. Its really easy to do on a Cornish hen, just use kitchen shears to remove the backbone.

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