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  1. I mean, most regional burns have their financials publicly available, so look at those some.

  2. I understand about the splitting costs part, but as a newbie it's difficult to understand how an event that doesn't pay artists, which are a huge part of the cake for many festivals, and has the same expenses as other festivals (pottys, land, fees, security, etc) asks the same price per ticket. I've been thinking since yesterday, and wanted to point out that it's not just me that raised this doubt only, but a lot of people around me when I mentioned burn's standard costs, 70-120 euros. Even my co-organizers for other festivals. Not to talk about bigger burns, such as Nowhere (300 euros this year)

  3. Having looked pretty closely at the finances for festivals etc, the biggest single point is that booze and food sales are huge at commercial festivals. Ticket sales usually get split between infrastructure and artists. If infrastructure is the about the same, you would expect to see art grants and artists making about the same, which I think is generally true on a per capita scale. Again, festivals wont share financials but most burns do, so if that's what you're interested ask people organizing to see them!

  4. There is also a filter in play here, people tend to memorialize particularly tragic deaths differently than expected or foreseeable death. This might lead to larger, more focal memorials for youth, and larger more eye catching die-by-the-sword memorials that focus on tragedy. Personally, leaving grandparents at the temple is an entirely different experience than friends.

  5. I know it's a ton more work, but this late in the game you might be better off building a yurt. It's about the only thing more comfortable than an RV, if you build out of 1.5" you can strap the whole stack to the top of any car with a roof rack sandwiched between plywood. Make a figjam bucket cooler and power to run it. It's expensive and hard, but finding a rental is hard at this point.

  6. Foam, and bring some canned air (compressed air) for electronics cleaning. Shoot the filter out daily and everything will be happier.

  7. So, here is my budget for a Fig jam cooler. I've built dozens and they can be cheap. Cheap will cost you time and a few trips to a reused building supply store, or effort on craigslist.

  8. Thanks for the answer. I was just watching a video and half way through just went and ordered some ingot molds lol so I shouldn't need to worry about that now.

  9. When I'm letting something cool in a crucible I like to add a bit more flux than needed and let it cool at a slight angle. If it takes any amount of force heat it up, stop. Depending on the metal you can also stick something in it while it cools to make a handle.

  10. It looks like you've just got a melting point issue, but it could also be that you've formed a eutectic mixture. If you melted something with tin or nickel recently and didn't quite clean things that can happen. If it does, it's real hard to fix and you might just buy a new crucible.

  11. Remember everyone there was new at some point, and most advanced people have a budget of time where they expect to give back to the community to help new people. So, the question is how to be the kind of new person that is easy and fun to help?

  12. Look for a mentor that has the same general role as you. Consider going to larger events, and if you do reach out to people you'd like to work with and make a specific plan of who you're going to work with during each specific class.

  13. Increase your displayed interest in a predictable way, start with gentle things. If little signs of your interest in her go unnoticed, call attention to how she responded to that little sign and tell her how your interpreting it.

  14. That's gold advice! I'm tripping through life at the moment but trying to be better than yesterday. Thank you!

  15. You seem like the type of fellow to listen thwsal90, so let me dive a little deeper into some advice.

  16. Get two pieces of pipe that telescope, cut a thread into the bigger one, insert a bolt, bam telescoping foot.

  17. Simply, you cannot guarantee anything.

  18. Yes. The pump requires 12v and some amount of amperage. Figure that out by looking at the pump. Then, you can either buy a 12v transformer that has a matching amount of amperage, or scour thrift stores until you find one. If the pump requires 12v 0.5amp, you could probably make it work with 0.4 amp, but you might hurt the pump with 0.6amp.

  19. If I were a Parks officer and someone was using this in a fire ban and tried to tell me it was "arguably a candle" I would not be happy. That's like saying a flame effect is arguably a BBQ just because it has a propane tank, piping and pilot light.

  20. I'm not so sure I'd be unhappy. With a wood fire you get embers and are left with hot coals. This gadget - no embers, no coals. I mean, I'm no expert on forest fires but I think there is a reason they allow stoves at times they don't allow wood fire. Like, when you smother this fire you don't leave anything behind unattended - right?

  21. Nice! That's a good propane distribution set up. Have you ever done the giant wax candles?

  22. I subscribe whole heartedly to prepping tinder and using a "log cabin" versus a "tipi" stack. And it's a great video to demonstrate the ease of starting a fire in supremely optimal conditions.

  23. For those times that it is super hard to start a fire - or worse - super high risk of forest fire, this is a gadget worth checking out.

  24. Hot damn, that is a cool flame. Is that grain what the fire looks like or a lens effect?

  25. so why couldn't i make my own from an old ammo box?

  26. If you back for $1 they give you instructions on how to build your own, which is kinda cool. Seems more open source than similar products

  27. If you are going to do bronze, which I'd recommend over brass watch a video on how to make shot and just melt something from a thrift store.

  28. I wonder if this could be done with crème de cassis instead of the blackberry syrup? Even some simple modification like adding 0.5oz of that and reducing slightly / all of the syrup?

  29. Re crème de cassis, it is my most used liquor after I found how well it goes with whiskey.

  30. Typically if it isn't stamped 0.925 it isn't silver so I'd be cautious about melting anything that isn't stamped. Selling jewelry with fake stamps is a huge felony. People likely won't be selling you fine or pure silver unless it's coins. Then you'll need to mix it to get a silver suitable for jewelry making.

  31. Has anyone written a response for Karl roves playbook? Like a play by play for not getting caught up in this bullshit but still making a difference? Is the answer really to just stop trying to sway them and rally numbers outside of their community to force change at a local political level and eventually a federal one?

  32. It would appear that civil debate has lost rhetorical force when you’re dealing with bootlickers and repugnant-icans. Disrespecting other humans doesn’t come naturally to Democrats, but this document is designed to help degenerate and dishearten sycophants that worship strength. It is a stronger, better version of something carl rove tried to take credit for.

  33. There are a couple things you can do on your own as you get started. First get a huge of your current fitness level. I would recommend meeting with a personal trainer at a local gym so they can give you a free assessment of where you’re at and what they recommend for a basic workout you can do at home or in the gym. Most will do this for free and give you the option to sign up with them or not. Don’t feel pressured to do so. You’re just getting a feel for what your strengths and weaknesses are.

  34. Sorato is right on the mark! Also, when you do go to the jams and you would like to play with someone who is higher skill level, ask them to work a specific skill for a specific amount of time. "Would you like to spend 5 minutes working on bird with me" is a great ask that I'll personally always say yes to. It makes it really easy to work with someone when they have something specific in mind, and beginners are always welcome to ask for a few minutes!

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