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  1. If it's not served to by a surely cuban woman at the ventanita while old men are having "En Cuba..." conversations all around you, is it even real?

  2. Heaven? I dont drink coffee and had wait an hour to get a enpanada. Why do these take so long to make? I wonder how many billions of dollars Miam looses in productivity waiting for this mud!

  3. Sir, we took a vote of all of Miami. The exit is over there. *gestures towards the ocean*

  4. This is exactly why I keep agitating for Traefik to add mDNS support.

  5. Clever idea, but this is tricky and anyone considering this should tread lightly. Not all trusts would protect someone from creditors since in a revocable trust the person who created it is the owner of the trust. It wouldn't shield them from legal liability if debts went to judgment. If a stronger trust were created, and it is clear that it was done to avoid impending debts, a court would not even blink at revoking it.

  6. I was advising a Non-Revocable Trust. And the trust purpose written in the establishing document should be along the lines of creating a trust for the safe keeping and growth of assets for my daughter to receive upon her 25 birthday or some other such statement.

  7. Seriously, these bullshit headlines need to stop. The correct headline is;

  8. So there's this thing called cold weather. You may remember it from such hits as "The first time every Miamian goes to New York in the winter and buys a leather jacket"

  9. My Friend... The overwhelming majority of the "Property Owners" in the area I live in are not their constiuents... They're not even american citizens and have never voted for any of those that supposedly are acting in their best interests as these owners live in foreign countries... I vote, faithfully, I speak in publicly noticed meetings, I'm their constituent... Tax collection asside, that will be paid regardless of what I'm being charged as the millage rate has not been proportionately increased this year at the same rate as the greed of the owners. Secondly, as a tourist destination, the city and county and even state (sitting on a 4.8b surplus because of it) make way more in food and beverage tax than they ever would on a tax on income so im not sure why this being a city without income tax should mean that those that live here should expect to be gouged for that benefit.

  10. My dude, as someone who is currently working in the public sector, I can assure you that any elected's first question to staff when a group shows up to a public meeting is along this lines of "How many of these people are property owners in my district?".

  11. I respectfully disagree. In my particular case, they would be representing a foreign national that would be taking any gains from said increae out of the coutry all together and not reinvesting it in the communities that they serve. Working in the public sector and woring FOR the public sector are two different things. The reason why "the people" are so upset with today's politicians are for exactly the reaons you mention. The politics of housing is more than just the economics of supply and demand, you are fucking with peoples livelihoods and i guarantee you the politicians care more about keeping their position and seat way more than they care about making it easy for non us citizens to fleece actual us citizens. I guarantee you will never hear a politician call a local voting life long resident transitory or part of a micro-economy unless they are hoping for political suicide. Politicians do care about owners, those owners that actually live in and own their domiciles... But those would never be the ones voicing concern over absurd rent increases.

  12. Realizing that most people, even self-proclaimed "experts", are really just winging it is an important growth moment in life.

  13. Every summer internship I did was outside my college city and outside my hometown.

  14. It needs a supernatural foundation and actor because the world is terrifying and depressing if everything is left to chance.

  15. I got this too! I was thinking of doing it because, why not? I don’t even use my care credit card, but figure if I ever have an unexpected expense I could use it. Or if I want to get anything done, I could use it and earn points and immediately pay it off.

  16. It does not appear to have a hard pull on your credit history. My credit history still only shows one account and no recent drops in my credit score.

  17. Ok. Both AIA and NCARB support this. I take it you think both are awful.

  18. I love how the headline focus solely on Pelosi (admittedly deserved) and omits all the rest of them engaging in or using their spouses as strawman traders.

  19. Directly exposed OwnCloud and Vaultwarden behind Traefik Proxy. Only :80 and :443 open, no SSH pinhole in the UFW and Router firewalls. Both docker containers are looped into Fail2Ban running on the bare metal machine.

  20. Because the actual full speech directly addresses americas responsibility to render reparations to our African American citizens

  21. Fair enough. 80% of what I do is renovation and historical restoration. So it’s a daily driver for me.

  22. Dude knows exactly what he’s going to look like when his collagen wears out.

  23. Lmao. You must be under the mistaken impression that Russia is strong. It’s a failing country with a Kremlin leader who keeps the people distracted with bread and circus.

  24. Awww. I see you get your propaganda talking points from the Kremlin like little Tuck of the Fox News.

  25. The circled wire nut looks correct to me for the C wire. You can see the other yellow wire from the transformer is connected to the red 24V wire that goes to the thermostat.

  26. Aaand you where right. Ecobee is up and running now. Thank you for the assist

  27. Yeah, no. Similar trains run along the entire coast on the Amtrak Acela route and have less accidents per 5 year period than we have per year.

  28. Only a Miami driver would get road rage against a train and believe that they could win that fight. I’ve driven in a lot of congested and busy cities, all up and down the east coast. New York, DC, Atlanta, Boston, Philly, you name it. Miami drivers are by far the most idiotic, spiteful, and aggressive drivers of any city I’ve ever experienced, by a long shot.

  29. We need said video of the Bentley on rims for uh….research purposes. It belongs in

  30. Georgia is a prime example of somewhere that required an ID to vote and look how that back fired

  31. Poor choice there, I used to be a GA poll worker. But I'll play.

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