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  1. Or maybe they are just doing a military naval excercise that's been planned for over a year.

  2. So the 150,000 Russian troops near the Ukrainian border are just doing military exercises?, and the 140 Russian warships are also doing military exercises?

  3. What would Russia's goal be, if war happens? Annex the Pro-Russian southeast? Annex all of Ukraine? Regime change? Russia can't allow Ukraine to join NATO or continue oppressing Donbass.

  4. Therein lies the million ruble question. Who gained from a conflict in Ukraine in the first place? If anyone honestly believes it was organic then they alas have been living in a bubble for way too long.

  5. In that case then, how do I just use the drives as a single ZFS drive? When I try to mount them it just says they are unknown filesystem type "zfs_member".

  6. Okay. Yeah, I looked more into it. It's pretty weird. The RAID doesn't actually appear in lsblk and that confused the shit out of me.

  7. ZFS or and MD software is not like traditional filesystems. Conceptually it is a mix of LVM and a COW filesystem. Disk management is handled by zfs and not by the kernel per se.

  8. Kodi is too big? Explain please. Because many people run it on raspberry pis. That does not strike me as too big. As for scaling, you can scale to any size with Kodi so again not really sure what you are going on about.

  9. The US purchased a lot of equipment to gift to the Afghan Army. Some of it was not yet delivered. Some of it was overseas being repaired. The US is taking those aircraft and giving them to Ukraine. There was talk a few months ago of taking the funds that were originally designated for Afghanistan military aid for 2022 and switching it to Ukraine as well.

  10. So they want to outsource the maintenance and repair as well as finding a non us territory to store obsolete helicopters?

  11. Sadly the amount of custom circuitry required is beyond the scope of most hobbiests.

  12. If you are on Ubuntu, chances are you are already using snaps, whether you want to or not.

  13. Won't somebody please think of the children!

  14. Faced that scenario before. I don't even boot hirens anymore. Boot straight into Linux, copy off user data. Then reinstall fresh copy of windows, if they really want it, after telling them there is a better option if they are willing to try it.

  15. Alright, I understand. I heard that Google was planning to eventually replace Android's kernel with the mainline one soon. I guess then we might be able to run Linux apps on Android.

  16. Technically yes, if the kernel supports it and a flatpak is made for the correct architecture.

  17. I did plug my external hard drive and run photorec directly without using an image.

  18. That is a risk. If your drive had failed while doing disk intensive file access, you would not be very happy right now.

  19. Chances are you were on python2.That has been deprecated in bullseye and python3 is default.

  20. Your path has been modified. Login as another user and remove any failed builds manually

  21. What scares me most here, is how it seems this woman went from 49, to 70 in the blink of an eye.

  22. Think how I feel. Linux was 30 last year and I clearly remember when I slapped its bottom to hear it yell out.

  23. Ty. I’ve been getting updates but thought it would be sooner. I’m looking forward to being ‘awed’ again like I was with Hubble.

  24. The main issue is calibration. Each of the hexagonal mirrors can be adjusted either to point the mirror somewhere or give multiple images to different instruments. The trouble is the calibration cycle to make sure each element moves exactly how you expect it to move takes about 30 hours. Multiply that by how many times you have to do that and you can see why there is a delay.

  25. Yes. All the instruments need to be cooled and calibrated as well.

  26. Impressive. Like the attention to detail. Props.

  27. Check cable. Not all display cables are equal especially at higher resolutions and refresh rates.

  28. Worked fine for the previous nvidia GPU that I have been using for the past 3 years.

  29. If you had changed gpu and/or monitor it is still no guarantee. It is shocking how many display cables are borderline spec and just 'mostly work'.

  30. Running thin clients is non trivial. Running them automatically out of the box is impossible.

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