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  1. cool of them to use a 1926 crest for Napoli

  2. yeah our depth is finally good, and especially in attack we are stacked, feel so nice

  3. If Ndombele continues to improve we would even have a proper sub for any of our 3 midfielders.

  4. yeah so far, after the 3 awful appearances he made at first, he came back with some good and solid performances, probably at net positive already

  5. I mean, we definitely didn't have our worst game against you. Were doing OK until the penalty and red.

  6. we had a +4 difference with Liverpool that could have easily been +6

  7. I think napoli players got the same drugs Atalanta had in 19-20

  8. if they had to take drugs couldn't they use it in the second half of last season and finally win the league?

  9. That is amazing! How much time did you invested in it?

  10. thank you, actually, for the actual startpage code very little

  11. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Kim seem out of play

  12. Its the best poster I have seen

  13. your numbers are from all competitions and not just from the league though

  14. yeah, big exageration, he really destroyed the league only that 1 season

  15. One napoli target Arsenal missed on

  16. I am pretty sure every Napoli fan is like very grateful to Arsenal

  17. Ancelò why didn't you bring him here sooner?

  18. It does, as much as it was completely unfair, it does happen in pretty much all games. The difference is usually it's just a generic throw in, not a launch forward to set up a goal chance.

  19. Since the third goal, we played in a very mediocre way. This can't happen in the CL or we are fucked

  20. yeah, definitely we need to do better than this

  21. can someone please tell me what the narrator says in the end? I can't understand it

  22. thank you, is this an actual phrase still used, if ever? or just an addition in this context to emphasize the saying?

  23. non credo che esista una città in Italia dove non ci siano tifosi delle strisciate purtroppo

  24. Sounds too low for the quality he has shown so far

  25. I don't think 50m is that low honestly

  26. Meh seeing as how Napoli refused to sell Koulibaly(and many others) for so many years I don't expect them to lose Kvart or Min-Jae that easily. They'll get a few years service before selling them for a massive fee.

  27. Kim has a very short contract with a 50M clause

  28. people in June: fuck ADL, you are destroying the club, go away

  29. Anyone heard anything about ADL’s meeting with Tim Cook and Apple? Or even with Amazon? Seeing little snippets and pictures all over social media…

  30. Cook got honorary degree from university of Naples (Apple created an Apple Academy in Naples in 2016) and ADL was there to discuss some future investements

  31. In 2 months 2 napoli players What a season we are playing

  32. I don't think they will let 2 napoli players win in the first 2 months

  33. btw that's an actual lion, that also scared the shit out of Manolas

  34. Who do you think will be the next additions to both teams?

  35. Yeah, remember when out of nowhere I saw Newcastle United appear in the Premier League. Tried to Google you to see who you were but it just kept giving me an advert for a sports direct mug, not sure why.

  36. they founded a club after a fictional team of goal 16 years later thinking we had forgot

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