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  1. When I clicked that I didn't want one, it gave me some obnoxious prompt like "SERIOUSLY, THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE, WE'LL NEVER OFFER IT AGAIN." They then offered it to me once more.

  2. Lol. I actually wanted to get one but considering my inactivity here, I was really surprised when it got offered to me like wtf, based on what, my two comments

  3. There are a lot of different groups tht fall under non-binary so that varies and also specific to the individual, the same as with cis people. What means man or woman to you varies from what your friend thinks.

  4. No, instead I desperately wish that everyone else was asexual lmfao

  5. Well, yes, but I'm aro too so I'd much rather just hang out with friends and play board games.

  6. Board games can also be considered a date :) but I get you, I'm also mostly aroace

  7. Lmao twerking is ironic regardless who's doing it, so no difference

  8. Because one can never rely on others. People will disappoint you, even unwillingly.

  9. Cis + het. English is not my first language, though.

  10. Sexuality and love aren't the same thing, just so you know

  11. I'm Demisexual and it's actually really difficult to find someone who can get to know you before you get frisky with them.

  12. I'm most probably also demi myself (if not ace) and understand you completely

  13. Lmao good luck. I was banned in some other sub because of who knows what, these mods are literally snowflakes. There should exist an effective way for the banned users to contact the admins and explain their experience.

  14. Nah, it just gives a dopamine hit, it’s the same as getting a lot of likes on an insta post

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