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  1. If you don’t have family in Canada it depends almost entirely on your credentials. So your level of education/work experience/capital. They’re willing to overlook a lot of stuff if your field is one of the government’s most sought after.

  2. Bring SpongeBob to Canadian paramount then we’ll talk

  3. Unfortunately not. My wife was moving to Canada via a UHAUL and she went through with it despite the lack of advice. I can edit this later to give her personal testimony but from what she told me, they did not go through anything at all in the truck.

  4. Never saw bigotry posts on that subbreddit, and if there was mods took care of them, I really don't get all this hate on cringetopia (I could be wrong, if someone would like to post proof to prove me wrong go ahead)

  5. Ey, do not call me yo buddeh, I am NOT yo buddeh guy!

  6. I’m convinced fromsoft hates strength builds. The amount of magic and dex items you’ll find out in the wild vs strength items speaks volumes

  7. Oh I see. I literally just got to that boss. Beat him on the third try with summon

  8. As a Canadian, I second this. Same with center instead of centre

  9. I sure do love it when bosses jump from one combo to another with no fucking pause, but only sometimes, so you can never tell if you’ll be able to get an attack in because it’s random if they just sit there or if they pull out a yellow dagger and slash you two times or stagger you before pulling out a yellow spear, stabbing you because you weren’t able to move from previously said stagger, making the whole second phase of the fight bullshit because there’s only one single move that he has that you can consistently get a hit on after he does it without getting counter hit and you’ve got me real fucked up if you think that I’m just gonna sit there and wait for him to do that ONE single attack fuck no that shit will take ages boring ass fight kill yourself margit your fight fucking sucks.

  10. Forreal I used my jellyfish and he was an ENORMOUS help that fight. Once I got Margit to about a quarter health I just ran around waiting for him to die

  11. Why the hell would I watch that asshole’s videos

  12. JavaScript is love, JavaScript is life. I will code a toaster with JS to spite people

  13. You are viewed as an inferior programmer if you think JS is a good language. The best JS developers , with the battle scars to prove it , don’t agree with you.

  14. They’re entitled to their own opinion. I find it quite rude you’d refer to me as “inferior” for my preference in language as the salary I receive for using said language is anything but inferior

  15. People's opinion don't mean shit, the lobbyists controls the politicians.

  16. Amazing that the US continuously rejects bills that would end government bribes which would make lobbyists null and void

  17. I had this same idea the other day.. Putin living like he’s playing civilization

  18. This is so dumb. JavaScript always shows what’s wrong and where it’s wrong. Not sure what this post is on about. This post should be about PHP which actually doesn’t show you wtf is wrong

  19. Idk how you used PHP but it always showed me errors when I used it. JS swept them under the rug most of the time.

  20. PHP errors thrown in Apache are hard to trace and even harder to debug. JavaScript errors show stack trace in devtools. Also built in debugging in devtools and VS Code

  21. they did threaten by trying to join the fucking NATO and im not supporting Putin im just saying it's not black and white but you guys tend to think like that because you cant see through propaganda

  22. How is it a threat to say you’re going to join an alliance?? How does saying you’re going to join a defensive alliance warrant killing countless of civilians?? You and Putin are being hypocritical. This isn’t a complex situation. Putin could have minded his own business and NATO and the world would have left him alone. Yet he decided that Ukraine’s SOVEREIGN business is his business and said, “I’m going to take out the nonexistent neo nazis (((actually I’m bloodthirsty and want more land)))”. This is black and white. The only one falling for propaganda is you dude. The situation is pretty clear. Putin LIED to the entire world over and over and over and over again. Yet somehow people are still gullible enough to take his side. It’s beyond absurd.

  23. mostly Russians live in Crimea and Putin left time to evacuate the cities

  24. There’s no point arguing with you. You’re clearly incapable of seeing logical reason. How you can support a lying, bloodthirsty dictator is beyond me. Good day to you

  25. Bro take me back to the era of windows movie maker and unregistered hypercam 2

  26. I think one of them actually passed out from fear

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