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Pelosi strikes again

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. As stupid as it sounds the speed really feels different if you're not experienced.

  2. big difference between 150 and 100 vs 100 to 80. Almost most cars these days handle 100 easy.


  4. I meant in terms of handling not stopping distance. The argument is that having 20kph differences between learner drivers and others on highways is more dangerous than the reduced stopping distance.

  5. you can do both. Book it as a holiday but use sick leave for the days that you have appointments on.

  6. and yet sachin's blazer looks like it'd fit better on walsh. Love that baggy fashion era.

  7. That's because in Australia, you are basically expected to provide franked dividends. Where there is no longer any benefit from providing franking credits, the expectation for it would no longer be as strong.

  8. ok so in practice companies don't just choose to pay unfranked dividends? You need a legitimate reason to do it.

  9. Honestly, I haven't thought about it all that much. Just accepted that this was the way. But you're right, investment and corporate behaviour would likely change if we got rid of franking credits.

  10. franking credits are fine. It's the refunds for those who don't pay tax anyway that's the issue.

  11. Excellent photo if bat is not edited.

  12. don't think the bat is specifically edited. Those stickers can be quite reflective.

  13. there's a pretty easy solution to this that lets members of congress still own stock. Make them give at least 12 months notice of any trades and they have to follow through.

  14. fuck imagine if that fell tbe other way into oncoming traffic.

  15. I wish I could give this more upvotes on all counts. Very well said and completely agree with you.

  16. I understand this but why is inflation their fault?

  17. I think the argument is that the inflation we're seeing now is the result of the easy credit polices we've had previously. And the reason credit was so cheap is due to the vested interests of asset holders, most of whom are older.

  18. Credit was cheap because of the economic slowdown and lack of liquidity caused by the pandemic. It's completely unrelated to what you're talking about.

  19. I'm not referring to just the pandemic years. I agree that was needed.

  20. RBA gonna be struggling to find excuses to prop up assets now.

  21. you raise some good points. But part of the reason is also how much harder it is now for those starting their accumulation phase vs those like yourself.

  22. Knowing how to write something and not sound like a complete fucking moron is a valuable skill.

  23. that's like saying spelling is a valuable skill but now we have autocorrect everywhere.

  24. I get that his batting form has been amazing. But on the flip side you either have fitness standards or you don't. If you're gonna lower them because someone is in great form otherwise why bother having them in the first place.

  25. It’s about the ads. The 3rd party apps don’t show the ads.

  26. this is the obvious answer. I don't know why so many people are asking for reasons. Unless they just want twitter/musk to say it out loud.

  27. And that justifies pulling the rug out on people overnight, with no warning?

  28. no its related to all stocks (ASX and international), and no it has nothing to do with any tax advantages/complications.

  29. it's only illegal if you get caught right 😉

  30. what happens if you get to the end of the trip and refuse to pay the $100? Seems like it would take less time to do that and say take this estimate or take nothing.

  31. Which at the end of the day, comes down to a poor government

  32. I agree. But also people vote for this shit.

  33. Turns out it's not such a senile question after all. Debt collector is using something called POLI. Upon calling my bank again, they confirmed POLI is legitimate, and given no other option it is safe to provide the details. However they recommend going internally where possible.

  34. you absolutely don't need to give them your client number and password for POLI. POLI is essentially an account transfer that you can setup yourself. Maybe they want to do this for you but I would never give out my password and just ask them instead what their account details are.

  35. most tax deductions are rorts. They should get rid of, or at least strictly limit how much you can claim on them.

  36. For the West at least, this just a myth perpetuated by people who have no comprehension of military contracts or the issues that arise.

  37. corruption is the wrong word. But I think what the poster above is trying to get at is everyone knows it's never going to be the original price, but they don't budget for it properly at the start because of the politics. Much easier to sell to the public that we need to spend $500M when you're already $200M committed.

  38. is it that useful? If it's an automatic you don't need to check it when you're wearing it. It's only useful if you haven't worn it for a while and want to 'charge' it up for later. Seems like a pretty narrow use case.

  39. It's about the revenue. AFLW haemorrhages money. It's a business, not a charity. We need more fans through the gate and increased viewers at home.

  40. I'd argue it's not a proper business. If it were they'd pay more taxes and not get as many public subsidies.

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