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Jonas Salk didn’t patent his 1955 polio vaccine so that it would be affordable for all people. As a result, he lost an estimated 7 billion dollars. Saying in an interview: “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. I swear to God if I had a pistol I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on this filled with pure evil individual.

  2. Although I guess you're right, I'm tired of seeing this.

  3. Because they are interested in spiritual matters only. Anything like sports or mixed martial arts is seen as a total waste of time, especially at the yeshiva level

  4. Hi rabbi, I was wondering whether you feel intermarriage is threatening traditional Jewish identity or whether that identity has no real bearing in your view?

  5. When thinking about intermarriage, I think we need to start with a few table setters:

  6. Thank you rabbi. If you could reply to my second question, I would appreciate it. If not, all the best to you and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

  7. I actually really dig the quote. Wonder if I can get it on something non Nachman related.

  8. Maybe "greatness" can be subjective, I can be a "great" father, a "great" husband", a "great" professor, et. and be fine with that.

  9. I guess I’m talking about professional success specifically and public approval, perhaps acclaim.

  10. I struggle with the exact same thing. Its one part me being a perfectionist, one part comparing myself to others through social media, and one part pure indecision.

  11. Go to the camera in app, Settings -> Device Info, and look at the device model.

  12. I think you’re right, I mixed up the international remembrance day with yom hashoa.

  13. Even a prayer for Yom Hashoah would be controversial. Where I come from, Yom Hashoah is utterly disregarded. Prayers commemorating the Holocaust are said on Tisha b'Av.

  14. They're right actually, in terms of Jewish history it's relatively

  15. 182 pages... I imagine this will be the one that gets trotted out as a retort when one is told that their 160 page script is too long.

  16. I hope not, because this is a very poor example as a third film in a massive franchise.

  17. I always assume MCU scripts are a mix of the original draft and a transcript done after the film Is released. They rarely have an identifiable voice or any stylistic choices.

  18. "Inadvertently"? Everything Teddy says is true but he's not ready to move on so he decides to kill him in a way that lets him keep living his life this way.

  19. Something really interesting in the book the Nolan Variations is that audiences who connect best verbally seemed to think Teddy was telling the truth and audiences that connected visually where onboard with Leonard and the “don’t believe his lies” photograph that keeps showing up.

  20. Isn't that closer to how the book ended? With the bomb not going off, so the narrator attempts suicide and ends up in a mental hospital?

  21. I seriously doubt the censors read the book and wanted to amend the film to be closer to the text.

  22. That's true. However, I don't see where to get energy to start doing something else. 5 days of work from 8 to 5. By the time I'm done with work, we have family dinner, I have probably 30-45mins to do something, and then need to put kids to sleep. Usually I spend that time to do some unproductive stuff or home renovation. Weekends I spend to recover, do more or less big home renovation projects, or meet with friends. So, I just can't see how to accommodate one more activity.

  23. Hard to tell what the world does and what Americans do. Jews like me are now seriously concerned in part about our safety in worship and in part about how much of our budget intended to advance Judaism and our community will need to be resourced to avert something statistically unlikely to happen but essential if it does. My crystal ball tells me that anti-Islamic rhetoric will enhance the next set of candidates' appeal with voters putting progressives at a disadvantage and others willing to trade justice for safety, which is mostly a Faustian deal but sometimes the right way to go. Those of us of my era remember that the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church was really the inflection point that brought mixed public support to enactment of civil rights legislation. My hope, perhaps reality, is that this will be the inflection point that firmly links anti-Zionism to anti-Jews for all time so that the progressives become recognized as a Paper Tiger and Jews like me who are Democrats and really want equity, police professionalism, secure wages and secure health care no longer get hijacked by this fringe that diverts others who also want this done into alliances with those that don't out of fear.

  24. I just don’t see how that scenarios is possible unfortunately. Our numbers are too small and we have Jews openly working to promote anti-Zionism.

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