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Elon Musk used my photo/joke and didn’t credit me.

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  1. Got mine on a sweet deal from as my mate has dealership prices and it was something like 70euros. Really nice build and fit, bit on the slim side. I'm gonna watch that video too.

  2. fuq, I got ripped :D. 10 bucks it barely does anything in a slide as well.

  3. Nah, I dont think you could get that deal unless you got a friend that's a reseller so don't worry. By the looks of it I think its pretty sturdy and should take some damage before letting it get to you. If you get a chance to test it and it fails, I'll be sending you a couple beer crates!

  4. ahahah bet! I’ve decided I’m taking it to the track 🤩🤩

  5. Commonly, who the fuck needs drugs to wake up

  6. *You should practice it away from home so that you don't have a mess at home. A considerate hint.

  7. I think he’s saying ‘Worry about your own business. This is done away from people where little mess can happen’ or someshit

  8. With your misogynistic comment, I promise you that no woman would ever be looking for your help.

  9. “With your mIsOgYniStIc comment”

  10. Would anyone really think Elon positioned those sticky tapes himself and photographed it for a meme? No, of course not. This is the fucking internet and he doesn’t need to credit you for this shit which is destined to be recycled til the end of time.

  11. Damn, I tried smashing that like button but it just zoomed the image :(

  12. Yeah, not worth it family members cousin got abducted right after I posted that comment..

  13. There are far worse things than rape, and this is one of them. You think this is too quick if the crime was rape? Is rape worse than this? What if instead of raping he did the exact same thing to the daughter? Peeled her face cut her hands? And cut her slowly with a box cutter while shoving a knife and a pole down her throat as she flinches and convulses due to the unbearable pain? Then is this just enough?

  14. Right but you didn't actually laugh with humour

  15. I don’t hate you for political reasons. I’m not a political person and I abhor all this ‘left/right, up/down’ shit.

  16. This is just a thing that right wingers say to justify themselves.

  17. That doesn't answer the question...or maybe it does, accidentally.

  18. It does. I skip your whole secondary followup and go straight for the core of your argument, which is that bad judgement makes for a bad parent.

  19. So you're deflecting by saying women are inferior and can't be as rational as a men?

  20. lmao, they’re not inferior. That’s your sneaky strawman.

  21. Unfortunately been there too she attacked me three times the third time I pushed her back, you know to stop from getting hit, and she landed seated on the couch. I did 90 days for that.

  22. Yeah, don’t expect many to understand in

  23. And the winner of the 2022 Meyers’ horse chili cook-off is Mr. Diarrheaface and son.

  24. Made me laugh. You’re fucked 😂

  25. It really is mind-blowing how all the "normal" subs are run by these radicalized lefties.

  26. If thats all it takes to wreck all that, I have zero pity on the managers of that.

  27. Ok then, do you believe the disabled are mistreated in our society, and if so, why would coining a word that describes that discrimination and prejudice be a bad thing 🎤

  28. I’m talking solely on the observation I’ve made being that people who tend to use the word ‘ableist’ and other such words are of the ‘outrage culture’ mob and put me off.

  29. Yup, turning bars while stationary. Ride about 100 yards and you won't see the marks.

  30. When you say small cracking and weather checking, do you just mean the bits of rubber that has looks like it’s been gouged and stabbed by pixies?

  31. She's likely, slowly over years, gotten him to change in micro ways, all adding up to her controlling. Eventually it boils over to bigger stuff. As a man, you can't let your girl tell you what hobbies to do, what foods to like, etc etc etc. Telling her "ok babe" and not going to play paintball with ur buddies anymore only shows her you 1: would rather give up who you are for her feelings 2: will cave in to her

  32. A really good guy I worked with just didn't come in one day... My boss told he passed away only a few miles up the road when a car pulled out in front of him.

  33. That must take some discipline. I’m much more complacent, relatively.

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