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  1. I don’t. I get 1 sale every two months lol

  2. Wait but spring onions exist, right?? They’re scallions. I can’t have imagined that

  3. I wouldn’t reply any further. They’re just wanting to argue with you.

  4. this is one of the cutest things ive ever seen. Love it

  5. This is adorable!! What did your girlfriend think of the hoodie?

  6. She loves it! Luckily she’s not swimming in it like I thought she would haha.

  7. Does it bug you that the white color on the keys is different from the white on the keyboard frame?

  8. Only slightly when I notice. Finding exactly what I wanted and matching in shades proved very difficult. What bugs me more is the mouse not matching. But the other choices are the Logitech or Death Adder which are like $150

  9. Roccat Kone air Pro. Can’t justify the Deathadder, which is the best fit for me, as it’s $150 so even if it’s on sale it won’t dip beneath two digits. White ones are few and expensive

  10. Any chance you happened to be riding in the rockville area?

  11. The real crime is that for some reason Captain Falcon of all people hasnt made it into mario kart

  12. Nintendo claims he doesn’t exist AFAIK

  13. The Wii DVD with a dollar sign on it?!

  14. Awesome. If only I could find some reasonably priced GameCube games. I only have 1 game in my collection because all the others are so expensive.

  15. I was out of the USA for three years and can’t believe how much my collection could sell for now. I found a random Amiibo in one of my storage boxes and it’s worth $75 now. Crazy

  16. I broke my arm bouncing on a trampoline. I slipped off and fell on it on a concrete patio. My parents thought I was just in sore pain so I walked around with it for a few days.

  17. I love these games and have been keeping an eye on them but still don't know if I can justify spending $11.99 each on them lol😅

  18. Hold out. I got Pajama Sam for like $2 at one point.

  19. Probably paper Mario for the GameCube! Now that I have a PC I guess I should liquidate it sadly. Art business is slow.

  20. from what i understand, to do that i would have to do even more than just the screen replacements, so it may not be the easiest to do that. appreciate the input tho!

  21. dang! that sounds awful, yeah the more i hear the more i’m thinking it’s just gonna be scuffed lol

  22. I wonder about a shell swap? Find a beat up 3DS and swap

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