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Ex-Trump Official Quits GOP, Says Republican Party Is Now A Threat To America

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  1. Responsible Driving Regulations require Drivers to pass tests to gain a License. Why is this not some thing Responsible Gun Owners should have to do?

  2. Driving is a privilege, not a right protected by the constitution.

  3. So? You seem to be saying that because Gun Ownership is a "Right" , Gun Owners do not have to be Responsible Gun Owners? Really?

  4. It is a joy to see such harmony in the ranks of the GOP.

  5. Without nuclear, it's a pipe dream. Germany's decision to scrap nuclear power was a big mistake, and it made the country more dependent on Russian gas.

  6. You are living in the past. Some countries have already gone 100% power from renewables, for a short time. California also has done this. large scale battery storage is the key.

  7. Actually a majority of our power comes from fossil fuels. We are currently building 5 gas plants and regulators ruled importing out of state coal produced electricity will not count against them.

  8. The Fossil Fuel Defenders are at work. I do not claim to be an Energy Expert. But, neither are these defenders. I rely on the posted News that discusses New Science. I will leave the field to the Nay Sayers. Have a nice life.

  9. He is following the Trump Play Book on How to Run For President.

  10. When some of you start thinking that they can replant the trees, consider that the weather is still too dry to do so. Barren land will also lead to the ground drying much faster with out the buffer of growing plants.

  11. So! Sales of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Big Farma Drugs, are all affected. Gee! Would this have any thing to do with the push back on making Cannabis Legal?

  12. Trump was a Democrat before he became a Republican to run for the White House. Soooo? Does Musk think this might work for him also?

  13. Will not care? Really? I made a short comment on the abortion ban and it logged over "4,300 Up Arrows". That does not sound like apathy to me.

  14. After the June televised outing of the Coup, they might want to reconsider. Remember, this is but the first of many outings to come.

  15. Funny how the Truth just sort of slipped out. Lies are hard to remember. But,the Truth can haunt you for a Life Time.

  16. Western states looked into doing this back in the 80s and it is just not economically feasible to pump water, uphill, half way across the country.

  17. I had thought this sounded like some thing from the past that I half remembered. But, I do wonder that the urgency of the upcoming Doom & Gloom might foster a leap in design to make it happen. Like a bore hole though the mountains. Up to 100 million people may need that water, some time in the future.

  18. You're not wrong and technology HAS advanced substantially in the past 35+ years so it could be worth assessing all options. As for the doom and gloom, I feel like it's having an opposite effect as people seem to be burying their heads in the sand because almost everything in the news and on the internet is pretty negative these days. Also seeing how a large portion of the citizenry reacted to the pandemic (an invisible threat) does not give me much hope that we will get our shit together to combat climate change.

  19. Some forty years ago, we made our first northerly move based on info that set 2100 as the date for serious Climate Change. Some ten years later, we again moved northward, on new data that dropped that 2100 date down to 2060. Within five years, I had to buy an air conditioner to sleep at night. In 2012, at age 67, we made our final move to Southern Alaska. That 2100 deadline is now 2050. For now. Even in the ten years, that we have lived surrounded by Temperate Rain Forest Trees, we have seen a three month long drought damage and kill trees that have been here for over two hundred years. The next ten day forecast is for less than an inch of rain. That is not a Rain Forest Forecast. Run as I may, I cannot get away.

  20. The GOP has Rand Paul. The Democrats have Manchin. Both take pride in Road Blocking.

  21. He thinks that only now are they a threat? Has he been sleeping under a rock the last dozen years and more? Moscow Mitch started us down this muddy path with his "Do Nothing Congress".

  22. Is this not where the GOP High Court is trying to take us?

  23. It will be the "What Ifs" ,that no one wants to address, that may make these marginal responses mute. "What If" this drought not only gets worst, but, is "Permanent"? "What If" the dry soil gets taken up in Dust Storms? "What If" the lack of water means Food Shortages? I am sure others have their own "What Ifs" to add to this.

  24. Meaningful impacts to curb climate change would require corporations and industries to act altruistically and with benevolence in regards to nature. That notion flies directly in the face of capitalism, a global system based on the concept of winners and losers. The corporations and industries responsible for the greatest contributions towards the worsening climate would have to unanimously say "We and our shareholders will take a financial hit to benefit nature." That will never happen, ever. It runs counterintuitive to the entire concept of running a publicly traded business.

  25. You nailed it.Capitalism does not have a Soul. They work in the World of Quarterly Financial Reports. Monetary Goals are more influential than meeting Environmental Goals.

  26. "This" is happening because "That" was, or was not, done. But, until we can get general agreement on the meanings behind the "This & That", progress will not go fast enough to make a difference. Vested Interests cannot see beyond the pages of their Financial Leger Books.

  27. Step by step, Putin is putting Russia back behind a dark curtain. Hard not to think of North Korea.

  28. "You can't do school politics as you have an opinion in politics"

  29. Why does CBC have a Russian bureau? They don’t piss away public funds fast enough domestically?

  30. CBC News is part of the mix of News Sites I watch. They have covered Russia on some of the times I watched. But, I do not watch them often enough to judge them.

  31. They can not win by playing honest. The know it. So, nothing is off the table.

  32. Slow Motion Suicide by people who should know better.

  33. This is sad, and laughable at the same time.We are into the "Looks like a Duck" thing. What the GOP is finding is if you get too close to the edge of a cliff, you risk falling off. They act like they think they need to back up a bit.

  34. Does this action, by the GOP, reflect the idea that the sewage their members are spewing is getting too much even for them?

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