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So i was at the mall to watch a movie and this cop approached me and i was like,"ahhh,he is gonna check me for weed in front of everyone and make a scene". But he sweetly came up to me with a smile and wanted to click a pic with me to show his son. Here is the pic, Keep Smiling:)) Have a nice week:)

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  1. this shit is making me so mad all of you on this thread are nothing but jealous sad souls with NO LIFE and you have no idea how able ist and bigotted you are being this ignorance FLOORS ME

  2. Thanks. I might try getting something that absorbs moisture between cooks

  3. Maybe those little silica packs that come in sneakers? Just gotta remember that they’re in there ha. Mold sucks.

  4. If the pages aren’t stuck together, that’s a score

  5. This is how we all got our first porn mag. Im 867-5309 years old.

  6. Someone mentioned porn found in the woods and the nostalgia hit

  7. I’m sure it would physically fit in the engine bay but you’re going to be spending a lot of time figuring out how to mount it and make everything else work.

  8. Buy new grates on Amazon. While you’re waiting for them, clean the bottom of the grill where all the grease is. First take the burner tube out so you have full access. Scrape it with a paint scraper then hit it with degreaser. Wipe away and apply more degreaser until it’s clean. Use a thumbtack to clear out all the holes in your burner tube.

  9. I have a similar sized skillet I use on my gas grill to sauté onions when I make burgers or green beans as a side.

  10. This is my take on the 2012 1.8. The interior is terrible. The dash is almost non existent. There is no temperature gauge. The headliner is like cardboard with a thin layer of felt. The passenger doesn’t get an armrest. Drum brakes in the back. No gps. The cvt is like rubber. The cvt is so bad I couldnt imagine throwing money into performance parts to make it faster because the cvt is going to continue to hold the car back. Gone through numerous coil packs, purge valves, and god knows how many thermostats. With that being said, it gets great gas mileage, it’s relatively quiet and comfortable, and it currently has 198k miles on it. Decent in the snow with the right tires. It is an economy car and doesn’t try to hide it. It’s an a to b car. I would get a civic or Corolla instead.

  11. Ouch, why did the put cvt in these? I need speeds.

  12. Because they are cheaper to manufacture than a traditional automatic

  13. Well, at least he captured some interesting footage for a change.

  14. Shit, pizza at my school was straight up budget frozen pizza. Think Ellio’s. This yesterdays taco meat/melted Polly-o is legit.

  15. Ohhh there’s a douche out there that’ll scoop this up

  16. Weber Q series with a stand. It’s small but perfect for 2-4 people.

  17. She looks like someone I use to slap box with back in the day

  18. That is very fair pricing. 7k miles is nothing, the mods are functional.

  19. I spend about $100-300/mo on weed. But I'm also sick of being alive and don't care what happens to my body or my future, so that may not be applicable to everyone.

  20. I don’t think weed is going put you in an early grave though. Start drinking hard alcohol and abusing prescription medication.

  21. see what I mean. You know how many people in retail? 10? 100? vs the hundreds of thousands if not millions. Yet you think your small sample size is the norm.

  22. Meh. If you can take my ball and rip it, i can take your glasses and snap them in half.

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